Linkerd code of conduct

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As a CNCF project, we follow the CNCF Contributor Code of Conduct. Additionally, we are committed to the following guidelines adapted from the Rust Code of Conduct:

Community Guidelines

Our goal is to foster an inclusive and diverse community of technology enthusiasts.

Try to be your best self. Treat your fellow community members with kindness and empathy. We welcome disagreements when they are conducted respectfully and without personal attacks.

We ask that you keep unstructured critique to a minimum. Disparaging remarks about the project are unnecessary and a drain on community morale. Feedback should be constructive and relevant. Having passionately held opinions on what should improve is encouraged! We hope you will use that enthusiasm to roll up your sleeves and get involved by submitting pull requests. We have additional guidelines on how to ask constructive questions.

We don't tolerate insults, spamming, trolling, flaming, baiting, or harassment. We don't tolerate sexual language, imagery, or unwanted advances. Private harassment is also unacceptable.

We do our best to avoid subtle-isms: small actions that make others feel uncomfortable. If you witness a subtle-ism, you may respectfully point it out to the person publicly or privately, or you may ask a moderator to say something. Accidentally saying something biased is common, expected, and readily forgiven. It is not in and of itself a bannable offense.


If you feel that a channel needs moderation, please message one of the following moderators directly: @alex, @siggy, @olix0r, @kl.

Moderators will issue a warning to users who don't follow the code of conduct. A second offense results in a temporary ban, a third warrants a permanent ban. It's at the moderator's discretion to un-ban a remorseful user, or immediately ban a toxic user without warning. Unjustified bans can be appealed by contacting

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