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@scottcarol scottcarol released this Oct 10, 2019 · 56 commits to master since this release

This release introduces distributed tracing support, adds request and response
headers to linkerd tap, dramatically improves the performance of the dashboard
on large clusters, adds traffic split visualizations to the dashboard, adds a
public Helm repo, and many more improvements!

For more details, see the announcement blog post:

To install this release, run: curl | sh

Upgrade notes: Please see the upgrade

Special thanks to: @alenkacz, @arminbuerkle, @bmcstdio, @bourquep,
@brianstorti, @kevtaylor, @KIVagant, @pierDipi, and @Pothulapati!

Full release notes:

  • CLI
    • Added a new json output option to the linkerd tap command, which exposes
      request and response headers
    • Added a public Helm repo - for full installation instructions, see our Helm
    • Added an --address flag to linkerd dashboard, allowing users to specify
      a port-forwarding address (thanks @bmcstdio!)
    • Added node selector constraints to Helm installation, so users can control
      which nodes the control plane is deployed to (thanks @bmcstdio!)
    • Added a --cluster-domain flag to the linkerd install command that allows
      setting a custom cluster domain (thanks @arminbuerkle!)
    • Added a --disable-heartbeat flag for linkerd install | upgrade commands
    • Allowed disabling namespace creation when installing Linkerd using Helm
      (thanks @KIVagant!)
    • Improved the error message when the CLI cannot connect to Kubernetes (thanks
  • Controller
    • Updated the Prometheus config to keep only needed cadvisor metrics,
      substantially reducing the number of time-series stored in most clusters
    • Introduced and pod spec
      annotations to support per-pod tracing
    • Instrumented the proxy injector to provide additional metrics about
      injection (thanks @Pothulapati!)
    • Added Kubernetes events (and log lines) when the proxy injector injects a
      deployment, and when injection is skipped
    • Fixed a workload admission error between the Kubernetes apiserver and the HA
      proxy injector, by allowing workloads in a namespace to be omitted from the
      admission webhooks phase using the disabled label (thanks @hasheddan!)
    • Fixed proxy injector timeout during a large number of concurrent injections
    • Added support for disabling the heartbeat cronjob (thanks @kevtaylor!)
  • Proxy
    • Added distributed tracing support
    • Decreased proxy Docker image size by removing bundled debug tools
    • Added 587 (SMTP) to the list of ports to ignore in protocol detection (bound
      to server-speaks-first protocols) (thanks @brianstorti!)
  • Web UI
    • Redesigned dashboard navigation so workloads are now viewed by namespace,
      with an "All Namespaces" option, in order to increase dashboard speed
    • Added Traffic Splits as a resource to the dashboard, including a Traffic
      Split detail page
    • Added a Linkerd Namespace Grafana dashboard, allowing users to view
      historical data for a given namespace, similar to CLI output for linkerd stat deploy -n myNs (thanks @bourquep!)
    • Fixed bad request in the top routes tab on empty fields (thanks @pierDipi!)
  • Internal
    • Moved CI from Travis to GitHub Actions
    • Added requirement for Go 1.12.9 for controller builds to include security
    • Added support for Kubernetes 1.16
    • Upgraded client-go to v12.0.0
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