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Marvin is a micro CMS for PHP 5.3+.

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Why micro CMS?

Currently most used and beloved CMS solutions, such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla are great, if you're building big websites for tech-savvy customers, who are not afraid of using complex administration systems. But if you want to make just a simple few-page website, those systems are huge overkill.

Currently used content management systems are really hard to use for a basic user. Too many options doesn't make users just confused, it enables them to screw things up and that makes them afraid to use system at all.

What is Marvin?

Marvin: "I am at a rough estimate thirty billion times more intelligent than you. Let me give you an example. Think of a number, any number."

Zem: "Er, five."

Marvin: "Wrong. You see?"

Marvin is a robot with a brain big as a planet and also a simple CMS for PHP 5.3+.

But Marvin is not yet another CMS you need to learn from ground up. It is based on wonderful Silex framework which is build on the shoulders of Symfony2 and Pimple. That means it's fully tested and verified by thousands of developers.

Marvin is developed with Test Driven Development (TDD) approach using PHPUnit for testing backend and QUnit for testing JavaScript.

Default database is set to SQLite, but thank's to Silex it works out of the box with MySQL, PostgreSQL or Oracle, too.

Frontend is build using famous Bootstrap, so you don't have to learn new conventions even here.

It's distributed via Composer and frontend uses full advantage of Grunt and Bower.

And the best part? It's open source and free under MIT license.


Live demo could be found here:

Administration is in /admin folder and you can use "admin" as a username and "foo" as a password.

The live demo's database is automatically refreshed every 10 minutes.


Marvin consists of separate plugins, so for each project you can pick precisely only what you need.

Currently available plugins:

Plugins marked with an asterisk (*) are core necessary files needed for Marvin's basic functioning.

Download and Installation

Via Composer

The recommended way to start with Marvin is via Composer:

  1. Install Composer
  2. Create in your project folder file composer.json with this content:
  "require": {
    "marvin/marvin": "~0.1"
  "scripts": {
    "post-package-install": "Marvin\\Marvin\\Install::postPackageInstall"
  1. Run composer install command
  2. Go to folder web/ which was automatically created (cd web)
  3. Run npm install command
  4. Run grunt install command

That's it. Now you can visit your new website powered by Marvin in a browser. You will see, that it will automatically run final installation steps and you are ready to go.

Via an Archive

The best way to download and install Marvin is via Composer (see above), but if you're not comfortable with it, you can start by downloading an archive with everything included: Download Marvin 0.1.4 as ZIP.


Administration could be found in /admin folder. Default administrator's credentials are:



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