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UrlImageViewHelper will fill an ImageView with an image that is found at a URL.

Sample Project

The sample will do a Google Image Search and load/show the results asynchronously.


UrlImageViewHelper will automatically download and manage all the web images and ImageViews. Duplicate urls will not be loaded into memory twice. Bitmap memory is managed by using a weak reference hash table, so as soon as the image is no longer used by you, it will be garbage collected automatically.

Usage is simple:

UrlImageViewHelper.setUrlDrawable(imageView, "");

Want a placeholder image while it is being downloaded?

UrlImageViewHelper.setUrlDrawable(imageView, "", R.drawable.placeholder);

Don't want to use a placeholder resource, but a drawable instead?

UrlImageViewHelper.setUrlDrawable(imageView, "", drawable);

What if you want to preload images for snazzy fast loading?

UrlImageViewHelper.loadUrlDrawable(context, "");

What if you only want to cache the images for a minute?

// Note that the 3rd argument "null" is an optional interstitial
// placeholder image.
UrlImageViewHelper.setUrlDrawable(imageView, "", null, 60000);

UrlImageViewHelper is pretty smart. It can even load the photo for an Android contact if given a Contact Content Provider URI.

UrlImageViewHelper.setUrlDrawable(imageView, "content://", R.drawable.dummy_contact_photo);


Does it work in list adapters when views are reused? (convertView)