A data binding framework for web based user interfaces with Vaadin
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linkki is a data binding framework that makes building UI in vaadin applications easier and faster.


Applications often consist of a variety of input elements that closely mirror objects and properties of a domain model. Creating such user interfaces and implementing the synchronization with the domain model is often a repetitive task. linkki automates most of the data binding tasks, enabling developers to focus on the domain and UI logic.

  • Fast UI development

  • Declarative UI definition (with annotations)

  • UI logic implementation using the presentation model pattern (PMO)

  • Automatic data binding between (P)MO and UI elements

  • Dynamic binding of other UI properties, including

    • Visibility

    • Enabled-state

    • List of available values


Model Binding
    public Report getReport() {
        return report;
    @UITextArea(position = 10, label = "Description", modelAttribute = "description", required = RequiredType.REQUIRED, rows = 5, columns = 50)
    public void description() {
        /* Use description from report (model object) directly */
    @UIComboBox(position = 20, label = "Type", modelAttribute = "type", required = RequiredType.REQUIRED)
    public void type() {
         * - bind value to the property "type" from report - use enum constants from ReportType as
         * available values
    @UIButton(position = 30, caption = "Send", icon = FontAwesome.SEND, showIcon = true, enabled = EnabledType.DYNAMIC)
    public void send() {
                          String.format("Report with id %d filed!", report.getId()),
                          "Thank you for reporting!",

     * Enable button only if description and type is present.
     * @return {@code true} if button is enabled otherwise {@code false}
    public boolean isSendEnabled() {
        String description = report.getDescription();
        return description != null && !description.isEmpty()
                && report.getType() != null;
report disabled
Figure 1. Report with disabled send button
report enabled
Figure 2. Report with enabled send button
The complete example can be found at Getting Started - 'Error report' tutorial.


linkki is available from Maven Central and can be included via Maven/Gradle:

Maven dependency


  • Bug reports, new ideas and improvements can be created in the GitHub issue tracker

  • Collaboration on issues/tasks via pull requests


Documentation for linkki can be found at doc.linkki-framework.org.


Copyright Faktor Zehn GmbH.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at

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