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CANtact Firmware

Build Status

This repository contains sources for CANtact firmware.

Documentation can be found on the Linklayer Wiki.


Firmware builds with GCC. Specifically, you will need gcc-arm-none-eabi, which is packaged for Windows, OS X, and Linux on Launchpad. Download for your system and add the bin folder to your PATH.

With that done, you should be able to compile using make.

Flashing & Debugging

Debugging and flashing can be done with any STM32 Discovery board as a programmer. You can also use other tools that support SWD.

To use an STM32 Discovery, run OpenOCD using the stm32f0x.cfg file: openocd -f fw/stm32f0x.cfg.

With OpenOCD running, arm-none-eabi-gdb can be used to load code and debug.


  • Ethan Zonca - Makefile fixes and code size optimization
  • onejope - Fixes to extended ID handling
  • Phil Wise - Added dfu-util compatibility to Makefile