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Library for creating a web-oriented GUI without using third-party dlls (it can work in 2 modes simultaneously: as a Web server with client access via http / https and / or simultaneously as a Web server and Desktop application without using third-party browsers) all in one exe-file. Ie, working in an application in the GUI on a working machine (the maximum rendering and response performance), having come home and running the client through any available browser, you get into an identical interface (the speed is somewhat lower due to the data transfer via the Internet tcp-stack) . The project uses technologies such as: SSE, Websocket, RPC, differential / version JSON, gzip-compression for implementing the event model and synchronizing server events and events on the client side. Also, the project uses my other project - Objhtml ( to generate a GUI for native Golang. The project is in the implementation stage of the event model, all other moments are implemented.

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