Generates HTML of your self.view UIViews hierarchy using python LLDB API
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#About This script gets all names of views available to LLDB + all subviews of "self". It then matches these to get view hiearchy that has user defined UIView names whenever possible. Then the script outputs the hierarchy in html. You click each view to unfold its subviews. Gray subviews are the ones that don't have children. Top most view in your iOS app is always the last in generated list.



  • import the script (EX:(lldb) command script import ~/Dropbox/python/
  • assign alias (EX:(lldb) command script add -f viewgen.printviews pv)
  • create breakpoint anywhere where self is in scope
  • call script from debug panel ( (lldb) pv )
  • reload script before you want to use it again within the same debug session otherwise the hierarchy gets duplicated ( (lldb) script reload(viewgen) )