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XML to JSON CL Adaptor

This adaptor allows for converting of XML API's into JSON. This allows ChainLink nodes to use API's which use XML as a markup. It's built in Go using go-json-rest.


To be able to run this external adaptor, you need Docker installed.

Run the Adaptor

This adaptor is published on the public docker hub, so you just need to run the two following commands:

docker pull linkpoolio/xml-cl-ea
docker run -t -p 8080:8080 linkpoolio/xml-cl-ea

Using the Adaptor

To ensure that the adaptor is working properly, the following call:


Should result in something similar to the following:

"body": {
        "-copyright": "All data copyright agencies listed below and NextBus Inc 2018.",
        "agency": [
                "-tag": "string",
                "-title": "string",
                "-shortTitle": "string",
                "-regionTitle": "string"


To run the external adaptor, clone the repo and run the following commands:

    go get

To run the unit tests, run the following:

    go test


Any contributions are welcome.

Created by the LinkPool Team