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Welcome to the Links wiki!

This wiki contains some information about development and some documentation of recent features.


  • Database setup describes how to configure Links to use an external database (currently only documents Postgres but others are similar)
  • Page splicing describes some otherwise-nowhere-documented capabilities for building up pages using XML quasiquotes/antiquotation
  • Module System describes the module system (added in v0.6)
  • Nested query results describes Links's support for queries that produce nested results (added in v0.6)
  • Realpages describes how Links now generates all web pages on the server even if they contain contain code that must be run on the client (added in v0.6)
  • AppServer describes Links's in-process web server (added in v0.6)
  • Effects and Handlers describes Links's new support for algebraic effects and handlers (added in v0.7)
  • Distribution describes Links's new support for distributed processes (added in v0.7)
  • Exceptions and Session Types describes extensions to distributed process support to allow for exceptions (added in v0.7)
  • JavaScript FFI describes Links's new JavaScript foreign function interface (added in v0.7)

Development resources

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