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Grafana plugin for LinkSmart Data Processing Agent
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Grafana Datasource Plugin for LinkSmart Data processing Agent

This is a Grafana datasource plugin for LinkSmart Data Processing Agent. It helps visualizing DPA statement results with JSON Path query support to filter desired fields.


Clone the project under Grafana plugin directory and restart Grafana:

cd /var/lib/grafana/plugins
git clone
sudo service grafana-server restart

How to use

  1. After installation click Add data source on Datasource page and give DPA Rest agent in Http settings. If the REST agent is accessible only internally or not in the same origin (see CORS), Access option should be set to Proxy.
  2. In panel settings add metrics with DPA source.
  3. Pick preferred Statement name in dropdown menu or give the ID directly.
  4. It retrieves lastOutput.Time and lastOutput.ResultValue fields by default, if JSON Path field is left blank.
  5. If Timestamp and Value pairs are series in the statement, use JSON Path queries to specify these fields:

For example for a statement like: select window(*) from SenML(bn = ''dev1'').win:length(60), ResultValue Object would be like:


Now in order to filter v and t fields of the SenML object, $[:].e[0].t and $[:].e[0].v JSON Path values need to be used respectively.


This plugin requires node 6.10.0

npm install -g yarn
yarn install
npm run build

scripts/ can be used for development or demo purpose (make sure to have a running DPA instance and MQTT broker).


Released under Apache License, Version 2.0.

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