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Source for the LinkSmart website, built and served by GitHub Pages.

Running locally

You need Ruby and gem before starting, then:

# install bundler
gem install bundler

# clone the project
git clone

# run jekyll with dependencies
bundle exec jekyll serve


The docker image generates the site using Jekyll and serves the generated static website with nginx for better performance. Building the image:

$ docker build -t linksmart-site .

Running the image:

$ docker run -p 80:80 -d linksmart-site


This is a Jekyll template to generate the linksmart static website. It uses Sass and Bootstrap v4 for styling. You can add/change variables in _sass/_bootstrap.scss to customize Bootstrap. Other style rules are located in _sass/site.scss.

Content Management

  • The content for tabs is located under _tabs/. You can add new tabs or change the HTML content inside this folder.
  • The domain tab has a list of showcases content that structured as a YAML file under _data/domains.yml.
  • The header is located in _includes/header.html. You can add/change links and elements.
  • Jekyll uses the Liquid templating language to process templates. You can create a new content template to render a data format similar to _includes/header.html & _data/domains.yml.
  • Github Pages automatically builds and serves the content. The build status is shown in the commit history.


Apache License, Version 2.0.

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