A yankstack (or Emacs Kill Ring equivalent) for ST3's Vintage
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Vintage YankStack

A yankstack (or Emacs Kill Ring equivalent) for ST3's Vintage

What is it?

One of the killer features from Emacs is Kill Ring, which allow to paste the previous of previous killed (or yanked, deleted in Vim style) in place previous paste region. That means, no clipboard selection, no :ls and no undo.

Sublime Text introduces a kill ring compatible with Emacs but it doesn't do what it should do, especially with Vintage, so I wrote it my self. The idea (and name) from the excellent YankStack plugin for Vim which is lightweight and elegant.


Via package control (Recommended)

CTRL+SHIFT+P, Install Packagee, then YankStack to install.


Clone this repo to your Packages directory, modify the keymap if needed.


Default keymaps are:

  • CTRL+P: Paste from higher register in stack
  • CTRL+N: Paste from lower register in stack

No worrier about key conflict, the above keymaps work only if the last action was a paste, or yankstack it self, see keymap file for details.

So a normal work routine is like this:

  1. Copy (y), delete(d), change(c) in serveral place.
  2. Move to the place you need to paste some of those.
  3. Paste (p, P), if it not what you want, just hit CTRL+P to cycle the registers back to what you need, if you miss it, hit CTRL+N to cycle them forward.