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vim-space for evil-mode

evil-space is intend to be a ported version of vim-space for evil-mode with some enhanced features such as remember count motions.

The most obvious outcome is to liberate the semicolon ; and comma , to map them to evil-ex and evil-leader but still keep evil-find-char-next and -previous working.



The easiest way to install evil-space is by package.el through melpa melpa then try it with

M-x evil-space-mode

To enable evil-space permanently, add


to your init.el.

Or manually by clone evil-space to your load-path, then add those lines to the init.el.

(add-to-list 'load-path "/path/to/evil-space")
(require 'evil-space)

Default bindings

The default binding provided by (evil-space-mode) will enable repeat for these motions:

/?nN (search)
tTfF (next character in line)
}{ (paragraph)
]] and [[ (function)
)( (sentence)


-, + gj, gk for some one still keep the default behavior of next line.

If you don't like the default behavior for evil-space you can enable the key motion you want manually. Just remember to set evil-space-auto-setup to nil (or using customize-variable):

(add-to-list 'load-path "/path/to/evil-space")
(require 'evil-space)
(setq evil-space-auto-setup nil)
(evil-space-setup "t" ";" ",")
(evil-space-setup "f" ";" ",")
(evil-space-setup "T" "," ";")
(evil-space-setup "F" "," ";")

From version v0.0.6, evil-space-setup accepts any form that can evaluate to a command, including a key, a symbol or an arbitrary form.

An additional keymap can be passed at the end of evil-space-setup allows one to to setup key for a specific mode.

C-h f evil-space-setup RET for more details.

Trigger keys

The default trigger keys are <SPC> and <S-SPC> but you can customize them to your like by:

M-x customize-group RET evil-space RET


Pull requests are very welcome, for further information, please make an issue