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Reporting an Issue

  1. Please make sure that the issue you have found is not an issue that has already been opened
  2. If that's the case, then add your observations in that same issue
  3. If your issue is unique, please add following details in the issue:
    1. OS name and version
    2. NodeJS and NPM version : Output of node -v and npm -v
    3. MEAN Status : Output of mean status in project directory
    4. Tracelog : The error that got printed on the console
    5. Any other relevant details
  4. Add [Feature] in the title if its a suggestion rather than an issue that you would like to see in MEAN.

Creating a pull request

  1. There should be an issue for every pull request that is created. If no issue exists for your pull request, please create one.
  2. Make sure that your changes are passing the test by running npm test
  3. If there are any lint warnings, please clean those up as well
  4. In the comments for the pull request mention the issues that you are solving by this pull request
  5. Create the pull request