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Mean is growing rapidly and more and more people are developing apps with it. This index will evolve in to a registry of sites built with mean - to get you acquainted with the types of apps created with mean and the community behind them.


Name URL Developed by
AtomDesign http://www.atomdesigns.co.uk Linnovate
DandaLinvoa http://www.dandalinvoa.com
FillInForMe http://www.fillinfor.me Tyler Lanagan
Find Playdate http://find-playdate.com/ Alexander Reichert
flikster.com http://flikster.com kjvenky
Intelling.io http://intelling.io Jen Looper
Gamedev http://gamedev.autodesk.com Autodesk
Linnovate IL http://linnovate.co.il Linnovate
Loowid https://www.loowid.com Loowid
Makeapoint http://makeapoint.org Linnovate
Mcalc http://mcalc.net Milos Stanic
Mean.io http://mean.io Linnovate
Milkshayk http://milkshayk.com Linnovate
KnowRick https://knowrick.com/ Code With Intent
PlugMob https://plugmob.com/ AppMagma
OpenGraph.io http://opengraph.io/ AppMagma
Stance http://stance.com stance
Tin Redrum http://www.tinredrum.com Michel Peneau
Xtras xtras@playstore