Github mirror of the Drupal-based idea management system. This repository includes only the installation profile itself. You'll have to run 'drush make' in order to make it a full drupal installation.
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 - OpenideaL -

1. Introduction
2. Features
2.1 HybridAuth installation & configuration
2.2 Alerts & Notifications
2.3 Activity

2.1 HybridAuth installation & configuration

1. Download the HybridAuth library:
2. Extract the archive to sites/all/libraries/hybridauth
(or profiles/idea/libraries/hybridauth)
3. Enable the HybridAuth module
4. Go to admin/config/people/hybridauth and enable all authentication providers
you whish to use
5. Click on the "Settings" link for every enabled provider and add the
authentication keys supplied by the provider
6. To automatically assign values from a service to user fields, create a rule
using the event "User registered through HybridAuth" and set the data values

2.2 Alerts & Notifications

Notifications are e-mails that get sent by the system to alert users of the site
of certain events.
Drupal rules are used for its configuration and can be modified here:

There are notifications for the following events:

User notifications:
- When an idea is created in a challenge he is following
  Rule: Send mail for new idea
- When a comment is posted in a idea he is following
  Rule: Send mail for idea status change
- When he is mentioned in a comment or idea
  Rule: Send mail for new user
- When the status of one of his ideas has changed
  Rule: Send mail notification about the mention

Admin notifications:
- When a new user has registered

In the user profile, notifications for the following notification types can be

- Notifications for new content
- Notifications for new comments
- Notifications for mentions

2.3 Activity
For the activity streams the message module is used. On the frontpage a number 
of different streams are show in a mini-panel called latest and greatest. Also 
an overal activity stream is available as a view (block).

Main activity stream
- New content (idea, challenge, news)
- New comments
- New users
- Various aggregated activity
-- received 10, 25, 50, 100 votes (x people have voted on [title])
-- reveived 10, 25, 50, 100 comments (x comments have been made for [title])
-- new users (x new users have joined this (week, month, year))

- Posted x ideas
- User has joined

- Idea was shared
- Idea won challenge
- Idea was posted

- New comment
- x-th votes on comment