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OpenideaL - ideas and innovation management system

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OpenideaL (OI) is the leading open source ideas and innovation management system.

Out of the box it provides an ideation community where citizens, employees, clients or any other group of stake holders can create, discuss, rate and promote ideas.

Since 2010 OpenideaL is in use by various organizations including multi-national and top-500 companies, governments, cities, universities and NGOs.

OpenideaL includes tools for the website managers which allow them to identify successful ideas (those ideas which have a better chance to be relaized), and to pass them along to professional teams within the organization. Community members are rewarded with points for their activity in the system (creating ideas, participating in discussions etc.)

OI is based on Drupal, and therefore it is modular, and allows growth and adaptation to the organization’s specific needs. These adaptations may include a unique design, polls and surveys, interfacing with external applications or adapting the interface to a range of devices ans apis.


Since OpenideaL relies on Drupal and is subject to its system requirements, it is recommended ensuring that you have satisfied the Drupal System Requirements before moving forward.


OpenideaL is super easy to install. The following composer command will install the full codebase, together with all the required dependencies and libraries:

  • Please use PHP 7.4, don't use PHP 8 or 8.1 it won't work.
  • Recommended composer 2 - really faster and uses a lot less memory. (It has been tested with composer 1, 2.0 - 2.3.5)
composer create-project linnovate/openideal-composer openideal

Once the command has finishd executing, the web directory will hold all the necessary files to run OpenideaL. Proceed to installation of the site(s).

If you run into a Fatal error: Allowed memory size of xxxxxxxx bytes exhausted, try running the above command like this:

COMPOSER_MEMORY_LIMIT=-1 composer create-project linnovate/openideal-composer openideal


The easiest installation method is using drush, which is available at the root folder of the build above.

When at the web directory, run the following:

../vendor/bin/drush si -y --account-name username --account-pass my_pass --account-mail --site-name "OpenideaL" --db-url=mysql://dbuser@ idea

  • Change username with your username
  • Change my_pass with your password
  • Change with your email address
  • Change dbuser@ with your DB settings
  • The last bit - idea is the name of the profile

Docker Installation with Docker4Drupal by Wodby

Follow the guide

Update to new version of OpenideaL

At any point you can run

  • composer require linnovate/openideal:[version-number] where [version number] is the desired tag.
  • drush updb
  • drush cr
  • drush cim

To upgrade Drupal core version run
Be aware upgrade to Drupal 9 will not work, for now OpenideaL doesn't support it

composer update drupal/core 'drupal/core-*' --with-dependencies , then run drush updb.


This project is licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 2 or later. See this page on for more details.