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Firefox bookmark searcher for Zazu.
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Zazu Firefox Bookmarks

Firefox bookmark and history searcher for Zazu.



Type for example f youtube then Zazu will list what you bookmarked in YouTube web site, and what you visited in this web site.

By setting a variable "prefix": false, in the ~/.zazurc.json you can search without prefix:

You can search browser history likes zazu which is fast and returns precise result, or zazu issue error for fuzzy search result with zazu and issue and error, though it might be slow since history database is huge.

Bookmark search is fuzzy by default, since bookmark database is small enough.


Add the package to your plugins array in ./zazurc.js.

  "plugins": [


  "name": "linonetwo/zazu-firefox-bookmarks",
  "variables": {
    "profileVersion": "123 Normally you don't need this",
    "prefix": false,
    "limit": 5


When set to false, you don't need f prefix to trigger bookmark and history search.


Maximum number of returned items, by default is 15.


Fill in profileVersion if your profile version is not default. Normally you don't need to use this variable.


Boilerplate is from tinytacoteam/zazu-chrome-bookmarks.

I've use the source code from CCharlieLi/bookmark-parser which is not actively maintained, but instead use unstable C++ code (node-gyp sometimes failed), I use jusw85/mozlz4 writen in rust binary to handle the dirty job.

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