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Linoproject User Interface Framework

This framework is built to help developers and designers to work better with html syntax (without javascript coding) and building html5 applications. It uses html class definition place and intercts with widget, actions, etc...

This is based on jquery (included as external lib) and could be implemented with Bootstrap library or VMware Clarity.


All begins with ui/lib/Application.js file which contains the main directives to:

  • Get all class and variables
  • Load External Libraries like bootstrap, jquery_ui,... (TODO: load external CSS)
  • Load internal libraries like the widget loader
  • Load widgets based on page
  • Execute widgets

Every element in the page could interact with another: if you press a button you could run webservice and put results into a div area. This becasue every elements could be called by their id in the html or programmatically using a call to object.

If you like it is possible define a personalized JS file and every element is available using oApplication object or global application var oGlobal.oApp

Every widget is an implementation of /lib/application/widget/Widget.js and have 3 states:

  • Loading phase
  • Reday
  • Fire action

During lodiang phase WidgetLoader is executing the following steps:

  • check and load widget based on x-lprjwdg html class attribute (eg: x-lprjwdg-button load WidgetButton.js)
  • instantiate an object under Application.js called oWidgets using the pattern oApplication.oWidget.[htmlid]
  • Load further external libs which are composing the widget execution
  • Load further CSS file
  • execute async method: startWidget()

This is the Widget skeleton

var Application_Widget = Object.extend(Object, {
	sWidget: "generic",
	oElement: null,
	oApplication: null,
	sWidgetId: "",
	sName: "",
	iIndex: -1,
	constructor: function(){
	getId: function(){
		if ($(this.oElement).attr("id") != undefined){
			//TODO Catch exception String
			this.sWidgetId = $(this.oElement).attr("id");

	loadWidgetLibs: function(){
	startWidget: function(oCallback){		
	 * @public fireAction
	 * execute actions here
	fireAction: function(){
		if (this.oApplication.bDebug){
			this.oApplication.writeDebugMsg("Fire Action extend to use it");

Installation and test


  • Webserver or Powershell
  • Web browser

Tested on:

  • Firefox
  • Chrome

Running in powershell

  • git pull this repo
  • run the web-server powershell script in the directory
PS> ./Start-WebServer.ps1

Running on webserver

  • simply put this direcotry into public directory on the web server
  • Open browser to http://[webserver]:[port]/index.html

Tutorial and examples

Start Turorial - Intro e Application definitions



ClassName Widget HTML Class Reference File(s) Description
Application_Widget x-lprjwdg-* Widget.js Base Widget. It will be used when a non specific Widget is found
Application_WidgetTplsubst x-lprjwdg-tplsubst WidgetTplsubst.js


ClassName Widget HTML Class Reference File(s) Description
Application_WidgetTplws x-lprjwdg-tplws WidgetTplws.js Insert HTML code using webservice and substituting markup lang contained in a template with response data
Application_WidgetTpcode x-lprjwdg-tplcode WidgetTplcode.js
Application_WidgetTplsubst x-lprjwdg-tpltplsubst WidgetTplsubst.js

TODO Examples


ClassName Widget HTML Class Reference File(s) Description
Application_WidgetActionws x-lprjwdg-actionws WidgetActionws.js
Application_WidgetActionobj x-lprjwdg-actionobj WidgetActionobj.js



ClassName Widget HTML Class Reference File(s) Description
Application_WidgetWindowdialog x-lprjwdg-windowdialog WidgetWindowdialog.js