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How can I help?

Certainly the best help will be pull requests with fixes (please read this guide before creating PR).

If you are not ready to start as developer you can:

  1. Write XML documentation. Yes, this thing we do really need - XML documentation with samples. You can take any undocumented public class or method and document it and make pull requests.
  2. Stories - you can tell your friends about linq2db, also you can post some samples and guides, it would be really great.
  3. Testing! It is really great if you can spent some of your time to run your projects tests with new RC version.
  4. Proof-reading. If you are native english speaker, it would be nice if you can spend some time proof-reading documentation.
  5. Can run Linq To DB tests on DB2 z/OS database? Ping us here.

Testing how to

  1. Open new issue "Invite me to testers team", we'll send you an invitation.
  2. Before each official release new PR would be created with notification to all team members.
  3. Next you need to update to the latest RC package from MyGet and run your tests. If something is wrong please report us and if everything is alright just approve PR.
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