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Knowledge Graph Inference


In this example, we attempt to construct a knowledge graph from noisy facts and an ontology.


The dataset originally came from CMUs Never-Ending Language Learning (NELL) project. NELL is a large knowledge graph that attempt to extract facts from natural language found on the internet. This data is the output from some of Nell's raw extractors (before it has been added to the knowledge graph).


This example is a simplified version of one of the experiments from Pujara et al.'s paper: "Knowledge Graph Identification":

@conference {pujara:iswc13,
  title = {Knowledge Graph Identification},
  booktitle = {International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC)},
  year = {2013},
  note = {Winner of Best Student Paper award},
  author = {Pujara, Jay and Miao, Hui and Getoor, Lise and Cohen, William}


  • bulk rules
  • cli
  • evaluation
  • groovy
  • inference
  • real data
  • weight learning
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