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Welcome to the PSL software Wiki!

Getting Started with Probabilistic Soft Logic

To get started with PSL you can follow one of these guides:

  • Command Line Interface for New Users: If you are new to PSL we suggest that you start with our Command Line Interface (CLI), which allows you to write a complete model in a simple text file.

  • Groovy for Intermediate Users: If you are comfortable with Java/Groovy, and want to get your hands dirty with advanced modeling capabilities we recommend that you use our Groovy interface.

  • Java for Application Developers: If you plan on integrating PSL into your own applications, and will need direct access to the Java API, refer to this guide.

PSL requires Java, so before you start make sure that you have Java installed.

Before you get started you may want to learn more about PSL.

Learn More About PSL

PSL is a machine learning framework for building probabilistic models developed by the Statistical Relational Learning Group LINQS at the University of Maryland and the University of California Santa Cruz. PSL has produced state-of-the-art results in many areas spanning natural language processing, social-network analysis, and computer vision. The complete list of publications and projects is available on the PSL homepage. The homepage also has several videos, to introduce you to PSL.



API Reference

Migration Guide

We are improving PSL all the time, and now have two versions! If you are migrating from PSL 1.0 to 2.0 please refer to our Migration Guide.


Developing PSL Guide