Simple image stitching algorithm based on SIFT, homography, KNN and Ransac in Python and OpenCV
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Simple image stitching algorithm using SIFT, homography, KNN and Ransac in Python. For full details and explanations, you're welcome to read image_stitching.pdf.

The project is to implement a featured based automatic image stitching algorithm. When we input two images with overlapped fields, we expect to obtain a wide seamless panorama.

We use scale invariant features transform(SIFT) to extract local features of the input images, K nearest neighbors algorithms to match these features and Random sample consensus(Ransac) to calculate the homograph matrix, which will be used for image warping. Finally we apply a weighted matrix as a mask for image blending.


  • Python 2 or 3
  • OpenCV 3


python Image_Stitching [/PATH/img1] [/PATH/img2]


Input images



Output image


other examples

Room: room

Another building: This is a stitching of three related images. It doesn't work so well. Trying to improve. gym