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Cornman: The Game

HTML5 Infinite Mobile Side Scroller Game

Project Duration:

Completed while at Dev Bootcamp on April 27 - May 5th, 2017 Project time-frame one week.



Created as a part of our Phase 3 Final Project at Dev Bootcamp - a 18 week Coding Immersive Bootcamp. This game was inspired by our cohortmate. Using Javascript with the Phaser.js framework we created an immersive side scroller game that allows users to Jump and Shoot enemies. The game is now deployed on Heroku for fun and mobile entertainment.


Read about our story and how we got to deployment below! Developer Story

Skills Utilized

  • Agile Workflow
  • Phaser.js in ES6(ES2015)
  • Ruby On Rails
  • ActiveRecord, PostgreSQL
  • HTML5, CSS3
  • Javascript, AJAX

Project Ownership - Developer Website

  • Produced basic build for website skeleton & page mock-ups.
  • Organized website flow
  • Oversaw all CSS and design decisions for all pages (i.e, font decision, color palette, content layouts)
  • Refined CSS for viewing of website on different devices.

Project Ownership - Game

  • Produced & Coded parallax background
  • Setup basic boilerplate for Phaser.js game (Produced the necessary state files needed)
  • Created weed and tractor playable assets
  • In charge of coding various aspects of the game (generation of obstacles, randomization of obstacles, implementing a powerup function, background generation, player's functionality: shooting, created virtual controller)
  • Refined design of Player Stats state and End Game State
  • Created Header assets for player stats and game over states
  • Oversaw all design decisions of the game (i.e colors being used, fonts being used, pixel vs. fluid)

Play Now!

Click here to play on your browser

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