A skeleton Python unit test to boot-strap projects.
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Python Unittest Skeleton

This is a skeleton Python unittest file to allow it to be grabbed and filled in, instead of having to remember the structure.

The "test_skeleton.py" is an example of standard Python tests.

The "test_bottle.py" is some test code for a Bottle web application.

The "cli_skeleton" is an example of testing a command-line application.

The "test_faketcpserver.py" includes sample code which uses the faketcpserver module, mentioned below, to test code reaction to misbehaving TCP servers.

"faketcpserver.py" has code to create a fake TCP server which you can provide a script to emulate certain send/receive/hangup behavior, to simulate a TCP server that misbehaes or disconnects. Examples are in "test_skeleton.py".


To use:

  • Check out repository.

  • Copy "tests/test_skeleton.py" into your "test" directory.

  • Rename "test_skeleton.py" to something more descriptive. (Note: It should keep the "test_" prefix, so that "make" will run the tests).

  • Edit this file and search for "XXX".

  • Copy "Makefile" into your tests directory. It should work without modification.

  • If you are doing bootle web development, copy "test_bottle.py" into your "tests" directory and rename it to something more useful.

  • If you have a CLI program, use the "cli_skeleton" in the top level directory instead.