Vim Omnicompletion Template using Python
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Vim Omnicompletion Template using Python

Author: Sean Reifschneider
Placed into the Public Domain


Vim Omnicompletion is an extremely powerful tool, but I spent quite a lot of time initially figuring out exactly how to make it happen. Part of that was due to being only somewhat familiar with the vim scripting language, so I really wanted to write it in Python.

My goal with this template is to make it dead simple for a Python programmer to create Omni-completion functions for vim.

To Use

  • Copy this file in "~/.vim/plugins".

  • Rename this file to a new name, likely called something about what you are completing and "complete". For example, the completion for Python in vim is stored in a file called "pythoncomplete.vim".

  • Search for "@@@" in this file and make the changes mentioned.

  • Start up vim and do ":set omnifunc=YOURFILENAME#Complete" where "YOURFILENAME" is the name of the file you created in step 1 above.

  • Start typing something and then type Control-X Control-O to bring up the completion menu.

If you've had good or bad luck with this, please let me know!