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  • Fix: Improve CheckLineFeed by using RegEx to catch all CR, LF, and CRLF



  • New: [[FileList]] plugin returns list of file names from folder - see DOC for all available options
  • New: [[Choice]] Search (filter as you type) option for Choice by adding ! similar to ? Question help/text;
    Allow user to resize Choice GUI; Use FontSize for Choice GUI (in the listbox) incl. Auto Center checkbox
  • New: Editor save size and position (resize by dragging window border)
  • New: Optional Statistics (see Configuration)
  • New: added :hover 'permalink' helpers for most headings etc using visible pilcrow (¶) in DOC
  • Fixed: ClipSet("s") call in Lintalist and Selected, Split* plugins -
  • Update: ClipSet() now also use ShortcutCopy, ShortcutPaste, ShortcutCut settings.
  • Update: Title case for selected/clipboard plugins now uses TitleCase() for more flexibility also available as separate function (for AHK)
  • Update: Incorporate CancelPlugin (avoids SoundPlay and return nicely) in plugins: Calendar, Choice, File and Input
  • Change: Revert change (v1.8)
  • Change: Choice and Editor now use WinWaitClose vs "ugly Loop"
  • Change: LCID values for Calendar and DateTime can now be Hexidecimal values as well (L1036 and L0x040C = French)



  • New: Setting EditorHotkeySyntax to allow users to enter AHK syntax hotkeys in Snippet Editor
  • Fix: Actually add support for LCID to Calendar plugin - see v1.8 - and introduced third
    option to replace hardcoded " to " with user defined string. #97



  • New: Functions in Snippets are now also allowed: [[function()]] - both AHK built-in as
    user defined - #86
  • New: support a subset of AutoHotkey built-in variables (A_MyDocuments etc)
  • New: Additional safety check when processing snippet by "removing" faulty plugins
    plus a simple error check when saving snippets.
  • New: Editor now has (optional) Syntax highlighting (plugins, html, scripts) by using
    the RichCode class by @G33kDude - #88
    (when using RichCode you can toggle word wrapping in the edit controls by pressing ctrl+w)
  • Fix: Editor - "Edit in Editor" routine improved, notepad.exe may not show ".txt" in Window title,
    and actually delete "__tmplintalistedit.txt" file in tmp folder (didn't do so correctly)
  • Change: User plugins (and now functions) can be added to MyPlugins/MyFunctions so future
    updates of Lintalist won't overwrite plugins/functions added by users each time. (see release note)
  • Fix: Closing Input and Choice plugins via close button (x) in Gui now properly cancels snippet
  • New: added icons to Tray menu and some Search menu entries.



  • New: replaced check/radio boxes with button bar (using Class_Toolbar by pulover) and
    icons from the Fugue & Diagona Icon sets by Yusuke Kamiyamane.
  • New: Right click context menu listview #70
  • Fix: Refactored LoadAll and Selected Bundle code, should work better now (lintalist.ahk)
  • Fix: Refactored duplicate hotkey and shorthand detection code, should work better now (editor.ahk)
  • Fix: SetIcon.ahk now also looks at Part2 of the snippet as it should


  • Fix: At very first startup SetDesktop and SetStartup default settings wouldn't be
    properly stored for them to be usable with Func_IniSettingsEditor()



  • Added Random plugin to Editor menu(s)
  • Added: Komodo Edit 10+ Configuration to MultiCaret.ini (for new users only, existing users can add it manually if they use Komodo)




  • New/Changed: improved plugin parsing so any type of nested snippets are now
    allowed (used to be a limited set in a particular order) #37
  • New: Split & SplitRepeat plugins #37
  • New: Fall back on part2 of snippet it part1 happens to be empty
  • New: you can now create counters "on the fly" - if the name of a counter is
    unknown it will be added automatically and saved in the settings. The start
    value is 0 so when first using it the value used in the snippet will be 1
  • New: ColumnWidth setting to set percentage of width for part1 and part2 in
  • New: Optional sort for the five columns in the listview, ColumnSort setting
    ht: FanaticGuru - Hotkeys: ctrl-1 to 5
  • New: File plugin - options for Select and Clean, now uses FixURI() as well.
  • New/Editor: hotstring to expand [ to [[]] while in Snippet editor.
  • Editor/ObjectBundles: fix preview moved to function (code refactored)
  • Editor: new snippet now uses .InsertAt vs .MaxIndex+1 (.Push and .InsertAt where introduced in AutoHotkey
    hopefully fixes issue with "hidden" new snippet
    New snippets are now insert at the beginning of the Snippet object,
    so the new item should be the first of the items in the active
    bundle (depending on sort, see New: Optional sort) - should be a good indication that the
    new snippet has been added correctly.
  • Change: Sort settings in the Configuration treeview
  • Change: Calendar now uses Multi-select (shows two months side by side). This
    allows the user to shift-click or click-drag to select a range of adjacent
    dates (the user may still select a single date too).
  • Change: made bundle hotkeys context sensitive to avoid them being used in Lintalist guis. Also applied to regular Lintalist (GUI) hotkeys replacing some code at Guistart label.
  • Change/Fix: Nesting of HTML and MD snippets now allowed.


Changelog v1.4.1

  • Fix: ShowPreview no longer worked reliably due to "SetKeyDelay, -1" - removed it
  • Fix: Somehow Changelog was only partially included.

Changelog v1.4

  • New: Extended Clipboard & Selected plugins (upper, lower, sentence, title, wrap)
  • New: Calc plugin - Evaluate arithmetic expressions (using Laszlo's Eval/Monster)
  • New: Plugins & Tools menu in Bundle Editor including dynamic submenus for clipboard, selected, counter & local variables plugins
  • New: Setting for Single click in listview to act as double click ht: dsewq1LYJ
  • New: Command line parameters -Bundle: load specific bundle and lock
  • Fix: Minor bug which would allow last snippet to be pasted again if enter was given on an empty results list
  • Fix: Up & Down arrow navigation should now work in the Bundle menu (Search GUI) this includes sending additional hidden keystrokes to the search control, do report errors if you experience any.
  • Fix: Error on Gui, Show in lintalist.ahk for AHK v1.1.20+

Changelog v1.3.1

  • Fix: URL fix update version check

Changelog v1.3

Changelog v1.2

  • New: Command line parameter "-Active" to start Lintalist and open the search window:
    Usage Running lintalist.exe installed: lintalist.exe lintalist.ahk -Active
    Usage AutoHotkey installed: lintalist.ahk -Active - ht: @thiagotalma
  • New: Configuration setting "ActivateWindow" which you can use to achieve the same as "-Active" - - ht: @thiagotalma
  • New: Configuration setting "OnPaste" which you can use to Exit Lintalist after pasting - - ht: @thiagotalma
  • New: Configuration setting "PasteMethod": paste snippet+restore clipboard, paste and keep as clipboard to paste again, just set as clipboard to paste manually - - ht: @thiagotalma
  • New: Configuration setting "AlwaysUpdateBundles" to always update Bundles after editing an existing snippet and don't want until you close Lintalist or "Reload Bundles" (tray menu) - - ht: @mbos
  • Change: You can now disable QuickSearchHotkey and ExitProgramHotKey in the settings by deleting the hotkey definitions. Background (note to self):
  • Change: ReadIni() now creates settings based on a default file per setting, this will hopefully make it easier to introduce new settings or fixes for existing settings.
  • Fixed: Added missing formatted texts options to Bundle editor right click menu (html,md,rtf,image)

Changelog v1.1

  • New: Snippets can now have HTML or Markdown markup which will be pasted as formatted text, or you can read an RTF or Image file which will be pasted into your current application.

Changelog v1.0.3

  • New: you can now use Local variables in your script code as well - ht: tpr
  • Fixed: minor fixes local bundle editor (adding, removing) - ht: tpr
  • Fixed: minor fix local counter editor (double click on empty row)

Changelog v1.0.2

  • New: Added Quick start guide to program and tray menu (can be turned on/off)
  • New: Tray tip on Tray icon shows "hotkey" to start a search as visual reminder
  • Fixed: Better handling of new (empty) bundles
  • Fixed: Double click to edit snippet (method 5) was actually creating new snippet and it was missing from the INI - New: method 6 to create new snippet
  • Fixed: Missing "tmpscrpts" folder from repo - @hoppfrosch - #1
  • Fixed: Now actually implemented the center & mouse(alternative) settings for Lintalist window position + New: remember position set by user - these can now also be set via the Configuration gui
  • Change: Removed "fake" text menu and now using a proper Gui menubar

Changelog v1.0.1

  • Fixed: RunWait %A_AhkPath% for local bundle & counter editor scripts
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