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@lintalist lintalist released this Apr 13, 2020

v1.9.13 Fixes for update/restart Lintalist


  • New/Fix: "Update lintalist" could fail #154 and #163
  • Fix: potentially incorrect position of listbox in choice plugin


This release includes the source code and Lintalist.exe (simply a renamed AutoHotkey.exe v1.1.31.01 32-bit Unicode) - If you have AutoHotkey installed you can just as easily download the source directly.

Just unpack the zip file and run Lintalist.exe to start the program.


  • tray menu, check for updates, update; or:
  • close your running copy of Lintalist first
  • unpack the zip file and overwrite all files. Note: any (changed) bundles and settings will not be overwritten
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