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etheld commented Jan 28, 2015

No description provided.

@zidarsk8 zidarsk8 commented on the diff Feb 4, 2015
@@ -0,0 +1,16 @@
+function main(a, b) {
+ switch (cond) {
+ case "one":
+ doSomething(); // JSHint will warn about missing 'break' here.
+ case "three":
+ doSomethingElse();
+ case "two":
zidarsk8 Feb 4, 2015

Commenting in the "files changed" tab instead of individual commits makes for nicer messages in the Conversation tab.

I have seen people tako commens on commits as regural commens on the PR and not something that refers to a line of code.

jbrooksuk Feb 4, 2015

Hound comments on PR's because they're inline I believe?

nl5887 Feb 4, 2015 Contributor

We'll work on this, I agree that's more clear then commenting on the commit itself.



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