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FIRMWARE - Mytek Digital Stereo192-DSD DAC using the USB2 interface
Last updated: 08-Jun-2013 Jurgen Kramer
When using the USB2 interface on the Mytek three pieces of firmware need to be
uploaded to the device. These can be extracted from the Winwows driver.
- Download the Windows firmware
go to the Mytek Digital website:
Click 'High Fidelity'
Scroll to 'Support & Downloads' and click on 'Latest Drivers (OS X and Windows)'
This will download the file ''.
Extract using unzip and enter directory 'mytek_v.1.34.10_setup'.
Locate the needed files:
- mytekl2.ihx
- mytekcf.bin
- mytekap.ihx
These files need to be copied to the firmware directory on your system into a
newly created directory 'mytek'. On most system the firmware directory is:
So the firmware files need to go to:
The driver checks the firmware version and currently only supports Windows
firmware version mentioned above.
To verify, the sha1sum of USB driver version 1.34.10 for Mytek firmware 1.7.5b1 and up:
d5d169ce3cbf3ec26815e3d30f392d7ae19575c0 mytekap.ihx
2418278d7ec8bf9c995639a5fbc4e279fe565e59 mytekcf.bin
5c57a93d5f9d98df4b2d5ad55ed9503828d1473c mytekl2.ihx
For Mytek firmware 1.7.1, the sha1sums of the supported 1.33.10 firmware files are:
b5a423b812f902c98137c8702e26cb7b80ebc759 mytekap.ihx
ffd9b7d4a5077ff52695bfef2ff57b38b66ce744 mytekcf.bin
256f5276f9e3ad4f9bb6bf489e78a512322e47b9 mytekl2.ihx