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ISSUES - Known issues for the Mytek USB2 driver snd-usb-mytek
Last updated 14-Mar-2014 - Jurgen Kramer
0 - Driver does not work on kernel 3.12.x and up
The current version of the driver does not work properly with kernel 3.12.x and later
kernels and could crash your system. A workaround has been added which makes the
driver usable again. Suggestions/patches for a proper fix are most welcome!
The workaround is only needed for a short while. The driver reports the
workaround state.
1 - When I turn on the Mytek no ALSA device appears
On some systems there are some reliability problems when it comes to
automatically loading all three pieces of firmware.
After each piece of firmware is loaded the Mytek disconnects from the USB bus
and reconnects again. After reconnecting the 'snd-usb-mytek' kernel module should
be called again so the firmware loading can continue.
Unfortunately on some systems this seems problematic and loading stops.
2 - Firmware does not load properly
Depending on your software environment (udev, pulseaudio etc) and kernel you are running,
you may experience problems loading the needed three levels of firmware into the Mytek.
If the Mytek is initialised properly it will display '88.2' on its display (*1).
First check with dmesg to see if there are no messages about missing firmware. Next,
as a workaround execute a sequence of 'rmmod snd-usb-mytek' followed by a
'modprobe snd-usb-mytek' as root.
3 - Already initialised Mytek needs powercycle
If the Mytek has been initialised by another system (by connecting the USB2),
the driver may tell you to power cycle the device. If so, turn off the Mytek and turn
it back on before connecting it.
4- The Mytek does not show up when I issue 'aplay -L'
This will need ALSA configuration changes and/or driver changes. Will be fixed
in a future update.
(*1) If pulseaudio is running on your system it will likely set the Mytek to