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Inspired by Tasker, Textecutor is a user friendly app that takes action based on text message commands while keeping security and privacy in mind. Anyone should be able to use it easily.


  • Have you ever needed to call someone, but they always have their phone on silent? Install Textecutor on their phone, allowing you to send them a text message, something like "full volume" and it cranks the ringtone volume all the way to 11. Now you're sure to get their attention! In other words, John installs Textecutor on Patty's phone and adds himself as an authorized contact. Now John can send text message commands to Patty which Textecutor reacts to. So now if John texts "full volume" to Patty, her ringtone will be maxed out and she might actually hear the phone ringing next time John calls.
  • Did your recent high school graduate just get their driver's license? Install Textecutor so that you can ask their phone where it is, and it will respond to you automatically with GPS coordinates or a link to Google Maps.
  • Did you forget what your options were? Send a request for help, and Textecutor can reply back telling you what commands are available to you.

Current Features

  1. Turn up ringer volume when sending the correct command as a text message (SMS).
  2. Add authorized users to the list of contacts that are allowed to do this, so you won't be trolled by hooligans.

Ideas to be implemented...

  1. Ability to change commands, or add multiple commands for a given action
  2. Assign actions to commands (turning the ringtone volume all the way up is an action)
  3. Assign authorized users per command/action
  4. "Where are you?" type command/action where it looks up the GPS coordinates and responds with a Google Maps link automatically
  5. Ability to authorize via passphrase, in case of lost phone, etc.
  6. Remote wipe?
  7. Ask for help, and Textecutor can respond with a list of commands available to you as an authorized user (of course it won't respond at all if you're not authorized)


Execute remote commands via text messages






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