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A modern web interface for OwnTracks made with Vue.js
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OwnTracks UI

A modern web interface for OwnTracks


This is a WebInterface for OwnTracks, intended to replace the various web pages shipping with the recorder. OwnTracks UI uses Vue.js under the hood.

This is not an official OwnTracks project.


Clone the repository and copy index.html and the static/ directory to your server's webroot. The API is expected to be reachable under the same domain as the web interface.


  • Enable or disable multiple layers:

    • Last known (i.e. live) locations:

      • Accuracy visualization (circle)
      • Device friendly name and icon
      • Detailed information (if available): time, lat, lon, height, battery and speed
    • Location history (data points, line or both)

    • Location heatmap

    • Button to quickly fit all shown objects on the map into view

  • Display data in a specific date range

  • Filter by user and device

  • Customizable:

    • UI color

    • Default start and end date

    • Map:

      • Tile server
      • Max zoom
      • Default position and zoom
      • Heatmap colors, radius and blur


  • Add screenshots to!

  • Node.js based development workflow:

    • Webpack
    • Vue SFCs
    • Sass
    • Dependency management with yarn instead of a local copy or
  • Docker support

  • Download data for selected date range, user and device as JSON


Please feel free to open an issue and discuss your ideas and report bugs. If you think you can help out with something, open a PR!

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