Good Old Gallery is a WordPress plugin that helps you upload image galleries that can be used on more than one page/post, it utilizes the built in gallery functionality in WP. Other features include built in Flexslider support and Widgets.
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Good Old Gallery

Version 2.1.3

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The version hosted at GitHub is still in development and may contain bugs and unfinished code. Use at own risk!

Get the latest stable version from

Change Log


  • Rewritten and Optimized
    I have tried to optimize as much as possible to make version 2.1 more maintainable.
  • Theme folder structure changes
    Themes are now stored in separate folders. See Theme structure for more information.


  • Flexslider
    Flexslider is now used as the main slider plugin instead of jQuery Cycle, though Cycle is still supported for backwards compatibility. And more plugins can easily be added.
  • Settings API
    A lot of work has been put on making the settings page use the built in Settings API.
  • Shortcode generator
    The shortcode generator has gotten some small fixes.
  • Sorting fields
    It's now possible to sort the Title, Description and Image output.
  • General bug fixes

Theme structure

Custom themes can be stored in two locations. wp-content/gog-themes or wp-content/themes/[your-theme]/gog-themes.

The theme structure is:

../gog-themes/theme-name/theme-name/*.* (any image resources used in theme-name.css)
../gog-themes/theme-name/theme-name.css (required)

When using an image in your css you should use url(theme-name/image-name.png) without quotes. This is to allow the cached css file to add absolute paths to your images.

See themes located in good-old-gallery/themes for reference on how the theme info in the css file should be formatted.