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@weiny2 weiny2 released this May 12, 2019

New Device IDs
Removed glib dependancy
Bug fixes
Code clean ups

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@weiny2 weiny2 released this Aug 7, 2018 · 55 commits to master since this release

Release notes 2.0.0 => 2.1.0

  1. New device IDs
  2. Add file of ports pairs in ibtracert
  3. ibqueryerrors additional counters
  4. HDR support
  5. Bug Fixes

Authors since 2.0.0

aecbb6f : Ira Weiny : infiniband-diags: Update default man pages
28b29a0 : Ira Weiny : infiniband-diags: Update iblinkinfo --diffcheck options
9f44ab3 : Ira Weiny : infiniband-diags: Move deprecated tools to compat rpm

7d5e044 : Hal Rosenstock : Add latest new device IDs to device white lists
5f9a632 : Hal Rosenstock : ibtracert.c: Better ports file parsing
2d11398 : Hal Rosenstock : Fix some formatting
5b56424 : Hal Rosenstock : smpdump.c: Print number of bytes returned by umad_recv
de6c397 : Hal Rosenstock : Add additional ConnectX-5 device ID to white lists
70cf023 : Hal Rosenstock : smpdump.c: Minor fix for when umad_recv fails
26aad53 : Hal Rosenstock : Add support for HDR RS-FEC
2583fe9 : Hal Rosenstock : ib[netdiscover portstate].c: Add HDR support
f3940b2 : Hal Rosenstock : libibmad: Add support for HDRFECMode fields in PortInfoExtended attribute
93e2448 : Hal Rosenstock : libibmad/dump.c: Add HDR support for PortInfo LinkSpeedExt* fields
2e2f557 : Hal Rosenstock : ibdiag_common.c: In is_port_info_extended_supported, query PortInfo for port, 0 when
1957468 : Hal Rosenstock : ibdiag_common.c: In is_port_info_extended_supported, query PortInfo for port 0 when n
0a5b497 : Hal Rosenstock : Add support for QP1Dropped counter in PortCounters attribute
93cd96c : Hal Rosenstock : libibmad: Support the decode of PortInfo:CapabilityMask2
5416bbb : Hal Rosenstock : Support 2x link widths
5aaf540 : Hal Rosenstock : libibmad/fields.c: PortInfo:McastPkeyTrapSuppressionEnabled is 2 bits in IBA 1.3
33e3181 : Hal Rosenstock : ibcc[config query].c: Make SwitchPortCongestionSetting IBA 1.3 compliant

1dd7c11 : Susan K. Coulter : ibtracert: Add ability to specify a file of port pairs
9294833 : Susan K. Coulter : ibtracert.c: Moved the getting of routes into internal get_route function
2ffe4ec : Susan K. Coulter : Added check for successful strdup of node_name_map_file

65fac7c : Oded Nissan : ibqueryerrors.c: Add support for additional counters in PortCountersExtended

91630fc : Benjamin Drung : Fix undefined bi macro man page warning
0edbdd7 : Benjamin Drung : Fix bad whatis entries in man pages

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Aug 3, 2018


Merge pull request #15 from linux-rdma/master-diffcheck
Master diffcheck

@weiny2 weiny2 released this May 25, 2017 · 89 commits to master since this release

infiniband-diags now includes libibmad

The libibmad stand alone repos are deprecated and should no longer be used. libibmad itself will continue to support the same functions it has always but it should be considered deprecated except for use by the tools in infiniband-diags.

rdma-ndd is no longer a part of this repo. It was moved to the rdma-core after rdma-core was created.

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