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Changes since 3.3.20:
Support for HDR link speed and 2x link width
Nue routing algorithm (EXPERIMENTAL)
Support for ignoring throttled links with DFSSSP
Support for long transaction timeout for SM class transactions
Internal improvements and bug fixes as noted below and in release notes

See https://github.com/linux-rdma/opensm/tree/master/doc/opensm_release_notes-3.3.txt

Full list of changes is below:

Alex Netes (1):
osmtest.c: Close file before exit function osmtest_create_inventory_file

Benjamin Drung (1):
Fix various typos

Dan Ben Yosef (1):
osm_sa_mcmember_record.c: Fix use after free in mcmr_rcv_join_mgrp

Daniel Klein (5):
osm_ucast_mgr.c: Fix minhop tables miscalculation due to variable wraparound
osm_ucast_updn.c: Add memory allocation failure handling in updn_build_lid_matrices
osm_subnet.c: Indicate that subnet prefix can't be changed at runtime
ib_types.h: Add CapabiltyMask2 bit definition for CPI CapabilityMask
osm_sa_path_record.c: Check input parameters in osm_get_path_params

Hal Rosenstock (75):
osm_torus.c: Cosmetic formatting change
osm_state_mgr.c: Move subnet up event to occur after mkey related files are written
osm_console.c: Remove redundant condition in get_stats
osm_ucast_ftree.c: Remove redundant condition in fabric_route_downgoing_by_going_up
osm_sa_mcmember_record.c: Add MGID to 1B13 error message
osm_switch.h: Fix commentary typo
osm_sminfo_rcv.c: Use initial rather than return path in smi_rcv_process_get_response
[link lid]mgr.c: Simplify link width comparisons
osm_link_mgr.c: Simplify some link speed related comparisons
[link lid]mgr.c: Simplify error threshold comparisons
Makefile.am: Fix INCLUDES warnings
configure.in: Update AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE to use subdir-objects
configure.ac: Update configure.in to configure.ac
gen_ver.sh: Change configure.in to configure.ac in comment
[helper.c base.h]: Add support for Bull OUI
osm_subnet.c: Add support for Bull device ID to is_mlnx_ext_port_info_supported
Add Bull device IDs to device white lists
osm_subnet.c: Add Connect-X5 support to is_mlnx_ext_port_info_supported
osm_sa_mad_ctrl.c: It's report response rather than repress
ib_types.h: Fix some typos associated with IB_CLASS_RESP_TIME_MASK
ib_types.h: Replace hard coded constant with define
ib_types.h: Add optional QP1Dropped counter to PortCounters attribute
ib_types.h: Add additional optional counters to PortCountersExtended
ib_types.h: Fix bit for IB_PM_IS_ADDL_PORT_CTRS_EXT_SUP
ib_types.h: Add IsPMKeySupported ClassPortInfo CapabilityMask2 bit
[ib_types.h, osm_helper.c]: Change IB_PORT_CAP_RESV13 to IB_PORT_CAP_HAS_CABLE_INFO
ib_types.h: Add additional PortInfo:CapabilityMask2 definitions
osm_helper.c: Add support for dumping PortInfo:CapabilityMask2
osm_port_info_rcv.c: Fix min_ca_rate determination in pi_rcv_process_endport
osm_sa_inform_info.c: Use defines rather than hard coded constants in infr_rcv_process_set_method
Add support for 2x link widths
osm_switch.c: Fix commentary typo
osm_madw.h: Remove unused bind_info in osm_madw structure
ib_types.h: Add new rates to return values for ib
Add timeout parameter for SM class set transactions
Add timeout parameter for SM class get transactions
Add initial policy for long transaction timeout
osm_multicast.h: Fix some osm_mgrp_box structure field descriptions
osmtest/osmt_multicast.c: Fix MC join with unrealistic rate
osm_sa_mcmember_record.c: Use neighbor MTU rather than MTUCap in mgrp_request_is_realizable
osm_prtn_config.c: Fix a couple of compile warnings with more recent gcc
osm_qos.c: Better handling of VL arbitration tables when there is 1 data VL
osm_sa.c: Cosmetic change to 4C05 error log message
ib_types.h: mcast_pkey_trap_suppr in PortInfo attribute is 2 bits in IBA 1.3
osm_subnet.c: Fix typo in generated configuration/options file
Add support for HDR
osm_helper.c: Add decode of HDR supported to dbg_get_capabilities2_str
osm_ucast_dfsssp.c: Uniquify some error codes
osm_subnet.c: Add additional ConnectX-5 device ID to is_mlnx_ext_port_info_supported
Add option and support for only using the original extended SA rates
doc/QoS_management_in_OpenSM.txt: Fix typo
osm_subnet.c: Make formatting consistent in generated opensm.conf
osm_[multi]path_record.c: Fix a couple of edge cases with new 2x/HDR SA rates
Add support for additional Mellanox OUIs
osm_vendor_ibumad.c: OpenSM no longer works with ibsim with latest libibumad
osm_pkey.c: Fix comment in match_pkey
Revert osm_vendor_ibumad.c: OpenSM no longer works with ibsim with latest libibuma
osm_subnet.c: Add additional device IDs to is_mlnx_ext_port_info_supported
osm_subnet.c: Remove redundant Bull device ID in is_mlnx_ext_port_info_supported
osm_sa_path_record.c: Cosmetic formatting change
osm_sa_[multi]path_record.c: Add some comments for better code clarity
Refactor common SA path record rate code into ib_path_rate_2x_hdr_fixups
Handle other 2x and/or HDR not supported SA rate cases
osm_db_files.c: Cosmetic change to comment in osm_db_update
osm_ucast_lash.c: Fix comment in init_lash_structures
osm_sm_mad_ctrl.c: Change [i r]path declarations in log_rcv_cb_error
opensm.8.in: Emphasize that the fields of mgroup_flag must be split with "comma"
osm_prtn_config.c: Cosmetic formatting change
Revert osm_db_files.c: Fix bad free in osm_db_delete
osm_subnet.c: Add additional device ID to is_mlnx_ext_port_info_supported
osm_helper.h: Remove trailing whitespace in comment
Replace hard coded constants with defines for force_link_xxx options
Update (internal) shared library versions
Update package number for OpenSM to 3.3.21 for release
Update opensm_release_notes-3.3.txt

Honggang Li (20):
Replace deprecated 'BSD_SOURCE' macro in Makefiles with GNU_SOURCE
osm_sa_mcmember_record.c: Fix maybe uninitialized issue in mcmr_by_comp_mask
osm_console_io.c: Avoid potential no NUL-terminated strncpy in osm_console_init
osm_prtn.c: Avoid potential no NUL-terminated strncpy in osm_prtn_new
osm_sm_mad_ctrl.c: Reduce path buffer sizes to avoid format truncation in log_rcv_cb_error
osm_db_files.c: Fix bad free in osm_db_delete
osm_mesh.c: Improve one line of comment in make_geometry
opensm.spec.in: Adjust BuildRequires for covscan
main.c: Close fd before return to avoid resource leak
osm_port.c: Fix memory leak in osm_port_new
osm_qos_parser_y.y: Fix resource leak
osm_ucast_nue.c: Fix resource leak in nue_create_context
osmt_service.c: Fix resource leak in osmt_get_all_services_and_check_names
osmtest.c: osmtest_parse_node delete p_node in error path
osmtest.c: osmtest_parse_port fix resource leak in error path
osmtest.c: osmtest_parse_path fix resource leak in error path
osm_console.c: Fix resource leak in dump_portguid_parse
osm_prtn_config.c: parse_group_flag log suspicious group flag value
partition-config.txt: Emphasize that the fields of mgroup_flag must be split with "comma"
osm_prtn_config.c: Fix pointer dereference in verify_val

Jens Domke (7):
dfsssp - detect and try to repair an odd network state
[current-routing.txt man/opensm.8.in]: Some minor fixups
complib: Add a d-ary heap
dfsssp: Replace the internal heap implementation
complib/cl_heap.[h c]: Fix a corner case in d-ary heap
dfsssp: Ignore throttled links in fabric
Nue: A novel deadlock-free routing engine

Julia Levin (1):
osm_qos_parser_y.y: Fix opensm crash when qos policy file is null

Roy Menczer (1):
osm_ucast_ftree.c: Implement atomic update operation for dump file

Shlomi Nimrodi (3):
osm_port_info_rcv.c: Fix bug in portinfo set failure handling
Add support for send only full member multicast joins
osm_sa_[multi]path_record.c: Remove some redundant code in [m]pr_pr_rcv_get_path_parms

Tomer Cohen (1):
osm_ucast_[dfsssp ftree].c: Fix memory leak when io/cn guid file have duplicated guids

Vladimir Koushnir (7):
Fix SM-Key management
osm_state_mgr.c: opensm does not generate SA_DB_DUMPED event after heavy sweep
osm_subnet.c: EOL missing in error message in opts_strtoull
osm_qos_policy.c: Partition SL independence from QoS matching rules
osm_lid_mgr.c: Clean up LID ranges that are beyond current LMC setting
osm_[base.h helper.c]: Add new Mellanox OUI 0xec0d9a
PKEY: Add functionality to ignore existing pkey indexes

jecavil (1):
Add force_link_width option