All in one repo for the LiveSuit tool, to take some of the pain outof using this.
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This repository contains the latest LiveSuit binary and supporting 
kernel module.

LiveSuit is a tool to flash Images to the NAND of Allwinner devices.

The latest version of this software can be retrieved from:

For more information on this repository or on this utility, check our
wiki at

Installing the kernel module.

First you need to install dkms on your system.

On a debian or ubuntu this is as simple as (as root):
# apt-get install dkms

You can then descend into the awusb/ directory and just run:
> make

Then copy it over to to your kernel modules:
# cp awusb.ko /lib/modules/`uname -r`/kernel/

Load the module by running:
# modprobe awusb

Running LiveSuit.

Just run the top level script:
> ./

This will determine whether your system is x86 or x86-64 and will then
start the right binary.

Flashing your device.

Warning: if you attach your FEL enabled device before you start
LiveSuit, then LiveSuit will not detect it. You need to first start the
LiveSuit application.

First, properly power down the device by either pressing and holding the
power button for about 10 seconds, or by cutting all power in case of
development board.

Start LiveSuit and select an image for flashing, if you haven't already
done so.

Then, hold the FEL button, and power up the device. Either by attaching
the power lead, or by pressing the power button for 1-2s and then
pressing and releasing the power button several times in quick
succession. This will have made your device enter FEL mode.

Now attach the USB OTG lead. LiveSuit should now detect your device and
start flashing.