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Latest commit 0119096 Oct 10, 2016 Xiao Yang committed with metan-ucw m4/ltp-xfs_quota.m4: fix xfs quota check
Current check doesn't work since xfsprogs v4.5.0.
Undefined off64_t type leads to this issue, so we
need to define _GNU_SOURCE to make off64_t defined.

This has been broken by upstream xfsporgs-dev commmit

commit cb898f157f8410a03cf5f3400baa1df9e5eecd33
Author: Felix Janda <felix.janda@posteo.de>
Date: Fri Feb 5 08:34:06 2016 +1100

  linux.h: Use off64_t instead of loff_t

Signed-off-by: Xiao Yang <yangx.jy@cn.fujitsu.com>
Acked-by: Cyril Hrubis <chrubis@suse.cz>
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doc writev: remove writev03 and writev04 Oct 11, 2016
include lib: add tst_res_hexd for newlib Oct 6, 2016
lib lib: add tst_res_hexd for newlib Oct 6, 2016
m4 m4/ltp-xfs_quota.m4: fix xfs quota check Oct 13, 2016
pan ltp-pan: Flush FILE buffers before fork() Apr 25, 2016
runtest writev: remove writev03 and writev04 Oct 11, 2016
scenario_groups network: rename runtest files, use 'net.' & 'net_stress.' prefix May 19, 2016
scripts Remove whitespace at end of line Oct 18, 2012
testcases test_net.sh: don't waste time waiting 1 sec in tst_ping() Oct 13, 2016
testscripts network: rename runtest files, use 'net.' & 'net_stress.' prefix May 19, 2016
tools replace SIGCLD with SIGCHLD Jul 27, 2016
utils sctp: sctputils.c: fix test_peer_addr() Jul 1, 2015
.gitignore open_posix_testsuite: Propagate configure params May 10, 2016
.gitmodules gitmodules: update mce-test repo URL May 31, 2012
COPYING update GPLv2 text in COPYING Jan 26, 2015
IDcheck.sh Update FSF address Oct 19, 2012
INSTALL Update mailing list address, archive, etc. Sep 15, 2015
Makefile build: fix out-of-tree build Apr 2, 2014
Makefile.release Use `tar [..] .' instead of `tar [..] *'. Dec 14, 2010
README doc, README: Fix three links to LTP download Oct 22, 2015
README.kernel_config p9auth: remove this test Sep 17, 2014
TODO Update TODO Feb 17, 2016
VERSION LTP 20160920 Sep 20, 2016
configure.ac Use sys/xattr.h instead of attr/xattr.h Oct 5, 2016
execltp.in PEP8 and update the copyright date May 20, 2012
ltpmenu Fix shell scripts to run correctly on Debian Apr 1, 2014
runalltests.sh perfcounters: delete runtest/perfcounters Apr 1, 2015
runltp runltp: add -R option for randomize test order Sep 27, 2016
runltplite.sh runltplite: fix the "-r" option Jul 29, 2016
ver_linux Remove whitespace at end of line Oct 18, 2012


Linux Test Project

Linux Test Project is a joint project started by SGI, OSDL and Bull developed
and maintained by IBM, Cisco, Fujitsu, SUSE, Red Hat, Oracle and others. The
project goal is to deliver tests to the open source community that validate the
reliability, robustness, and stability of Linux.

The LTP testsuite contains a collection of tools for testing the Linux kernel
and related features. Our goal is to improve the Linux kernel and system
libraries by bringing test automation to the testing effort. Interested open
source contributors are encouraged to join.

Project pages are located at: http://linux-test-project.github.io/

The latest image is always available at:

The discussion about the project happens at ltp mailing list:

The git repository is located at GitHub at:

Be careful with these tests!

Don't run them on production systems. Growfiles, doio, and iogen in particular
stress the I/O capabilities of systems and while they should not cause problems
on properly functioning systems, they are intended to find (or cause) problems.

Developers corner

Before you start you should read following documents:

* doc/test-writing-guidelines.txt
* doc/build-system-guide.txt

these two should contain all information needed for modifying or creating LTP
testcases. If something is not covered there don't hesitate to ask on the LTP
mailing list.

Also note that these documents are available online at: