LTP 20170116

@metan-ucw metan-ucw released this Jan 16, 2017 · 104 commits to master since this release

Since the last release 211 patches by 28 authors were merged.

Notable changes:

  • New testcases for:
    • flistxattr()
    • listxattr()
    • llistxattr()
    • getpriority()
    • setpriority()
    • sendto()
    • dirtyc0w
    • vti and geneve tunnel tests (network tests)
  • New shell test library was added and many old and broken tests were
    rewritten to make use of it
  • 36 syscall testcases were converted to the new library
  • Many cases of bashism were fixed
  • Experimental support for network namespaces has been added into network
    tests, which means that these test can now be optionally executed on a
    single testing machine
  • LTP compiled for 32bit should now run flawlessly on 64bit kernel
    which is useful for testing the 32bit compat syscall interface
  • Usuall amount of cleanups, fixes and speedups


LTP 20160920

@metan-ucw metan-ucw released this Sep 20, 2016 · 316 commits to master since this release

Since the last release 236 patches by 28 authors were merged.

Notable changes:

o New testcases

  • tracepath, clockdiff, arpping, ping, wc, insmod
  • ftrace
  • access()
  • kcmp()
  • lgetxattr()
  • sched_setscheduler()
  • epoll_ctl()
  • sbrk() regression test
  • dio_sparse added direct I/O regression test

o Rewritten/cleaned up tests

  • waitpid syscall testcases
  • NFS tests
  • ftrace tests

o More work on memory cgroup testcases

  • a lot of cleanups, big tests were split into smaller ones
  • implemented proper synchronization primitives between processes
    which saves a few minutes on the test execution time

o More work on the new test API

  • test is executed in child processes, parent process watches for timeout,
    does cleanup, reports results, etc.
  • Ctrl+C kills all subprocesses correctly and the parent process runs cleanup
  • new command line option parsing helpers
  • 25 testcases were cleaned up and rewritten to use the new test API

o New EXPECT_PASS and EXPECT_FAIL helpers in shell library

o New shell wrappers for checkpoint (futex based) synchronization primitives

o New tst_su wrapper (that makes sure that path to LTP binaries is in $PATH)

o Open Posix Testsuite changes

  • parallel build has been fixed
  • the build process now uses the top level configure parameters

o And usuall amount of cleanups, fixes, and speedups.


LTP 20160510

@metan-ucw metan-ucw released this May 10, 2016 · 552 commits to master since this release

Since the last release 169 patches by 24 authors were merged.

Notable changes are:

  • New C library test API that significantly eases test writing

    This is the end result of last few years of cleanups and fixes. Most of the
    common code has been moved to the library which both helps to avoid common
    mistakes and lets the programmer concentrate on test itself. It also fixed
    long standing problems with thread safety, simplified test result propagation
    from child processes, fixed problems with cleanup callback, etc. If you ever
    given up on writing a LTP testcase because the test API was incomplete and
    difficult to use you should really reconsider now.

    The old and new test API will coexistent for a while until all old testcases
    are converted, which will take quite some time. New test are written using
    the new API only.

    You can have a quick look at new/converted tests to get a feel for the new API:

    Or have a look at updated documentation at:

  • New syscall tests for:

    • request_key()
    • preadv()
    • pwritev(),
    • fcntl() + F_OFD_* locks
    • personality()
    • removexattr()
    • llistxattr()
    • epoll_pwait(),
    • epoll_wait()
    • open() + O_TMPFILE

    And regression tests for:

    • madvise() + MADV_WILLNEED
    • recvmsg() + MSG_PEEK
  • Rewritten network stress tests

  • New test for lsmod

  • Usual amount of fixes

    • fixed file corruptions with ltp-pan
    • added a few return value checks for fork() where the value is later passed
      to kill() resulting in call to kill(-1, ...) if fork() failed
    • a few more skipped test on Btrfs on unsupported/unimplemented functionality
    • fixed test result propagation in five fcntl testcases
    • much more...


LTP 20160126

@metan-ucw metan-ucw released this Jan 26, 2016 · 721 commits to master since this release

Since the last release 191 patches by 29 authors were merged.

Notable changes are:

  • Rewritten and new cgroup tests for cpuacct and pids controllers
  • Rewritten basic cgroup functional and stress tests
  • New userns07 test for user namespaces
  • New syscall tests for:
    • renameat2()
    • sched_getattr()
    • sched_setattr()
    • kcmp()
    • fcntl(fd, F_SETLEASE)
    • preadv()
    • pwritev()
  • New regression test for:
    • signal()
    • mmap() + hugepages,
    • shmget()/shmat() + hugepages
  • Open Posix pthread_create() tests were partially rewritten and
    no longer fails on machines with > 4 CPUS
  • New tests for mkfs, mkswap, and which utilities
  • New tests for kernel input stack (utilizing uinput)
  • Fixes in nfs tests and IPV6 support
  • New test for dctcp congestion control algorithm


LTP 20150903

@metan-ucw metan-ucw released this Sep 3, 2015 · 912 commits to master since this release

Since the last release 272 patches by 27 authors were merged.

Notable changes are:

  • Network namespace testcases were rewritten from scratch
  • New user namespaces testcases
  • New testcases for various virtual network interfaces
  • New umount2() testcases (for UMOUNT_NOFOLLOW, MNT_EXPIRE and MNT_DETACH flags)
  • New open() testcase (for O_PATH flag)
  • New getrandom() testcases
  • New inotify, cpuset, futex_wake() and recvmsg() regression tests
  • Plus the usual number of fixes and enhancements