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VIA/Wondermedia SoC Wiki

This wiki covers the arch-vt8500 support SoCs in the linux mainline kernel.
Currently this support is limited to VT8500, WM8505, WM8650, WM8750 and WM8850 (as of v3.10)

The purpose of this wiki is to provide some kind of documentation for these SoCs as the vendor information is sparse at best.
Since I never had a VT8500, limited support and information is available.
I currently have a WM8505 netbook, a VIA APC8750, a WM8850 tablet and a WM8880 tablet - my previously working WM8650 currently has no boot flash so is non-functional. The WM8880 tablet has pad damage on the UART connector so I can't use the debug features making coding next to impossible.

Integration Progress (Supported Features)

Current Status


SoC Block Diagrams
System Configuration Controller
Memory map
Interrupt map
GPIO map


Clock map
Clock - PLL
Clock - PLL Map

Video Processor

VPP Reset Register

Build the current source

Build the source
Root filesystem
Boot from SD Card

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