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EGT Thermostat Demo Application
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EGT Thermostat Demo Application

Thermostat demonstration using the Ensemble Graphics Toolkit (EGT).


  • Basic Automatic/Cooling/Heating/Off modes.
  • Fan setting.
  • Live camera feed on the main screen.
  • Minimal weekly scheduling.
  • Support for temp sensors through libsensors, like the Thermo 5 Click Board.
  • Settings, HVAC status, and sensors saved to an sqlite3 database.
  • Idle/sleep screen and state, with screen brightness settings.
  • Get outside temp/weather icon based on zip code.
  • Configurable background on main screen.






Install necessary egt dependencies by referring to the egt project

Also, install some thermostat dependencies.

sudo apt install sqlite3

Compile and install libegt to a directory. We'll assume it's installed to /opt/egt. Then, configure and build this project.

git clone --recursive
cd egt-thermostat
CXXFLAGS="-I/opt/egt/include/" \
LDFLAGS="-L/opt/egt/lib/" \
PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/opt/egt/lib/pkgconfig \

Create a default database.

sqlite3 thermostat.db < thermostat.sql

Then, run.



Released under the terms of the Apache 2 license. See the COPYING file for more information.

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