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This layer provides support for Microchip microprocessors (aka AT91)
For more information about the Microchip MPU product line see:
Linux & Open Source on Microchip microprocessors:
Supported SoCs / MACHINE names
Note that most of the machine names below, have a SD Card variant that can be
built by adding an "-sd" suffix to the machine name.
- SAMA5D2 product family / sama5d2-xplained, sama5d2-xplained-emmc, sama5d27-som1-ek-sd, sama5d2-ptc-ek, sama5d2-icp, sama5d27-wlsom1-ek-sd
- SAMA5D4 product family / sama5d4ek, sama5d4-xplained
- SAMA5D3 product family / sama5d3xek, sama5d3-xplained
- AT91SAM9x5 product family (AT91SAM9G15, AT91SAM9G25, AT91SAM9X25, AT91SAM9G35 and AT91SAM9X35) / at91sam9x5ek
- AT91SAM9RL / at91sam9rlek
- AT91SAM9G45 / at91sam9m10g45ek
- SAM9X60 / sam9x60ek
- meta-atmel
URI: git://
Branch: zeus
This Layer depends on :
- poky
URI: git://
Branch: zeus
Tag: 94f6b31befda5c496f65e863a6f8152b42d7ebf0
- meta-openembedded
URI: git://
Branch: zeus
Tag: aad5b3d070cd8c58828b0975cf861d8ebc90f460
- meta-qt5
URI: git://
Branch: upstream/zeus (5.13)
Tag: 432ad2aa6c3a13253fefc909faba368851d21fb1
Build procedure
0/ Create a directory
mkdir my_dir
cd my_dir
1/ Clone yocto/poky git repository with the proper branch ready
git clone git:// -b zeus
2/ Clone meta-openembedded git repository with the proper branch ready
git clone git:// -b zeus
3/ Clone meta-qt5 git repository with the proper branch ready
git clone git://
cd meta-qt5
git checkout upstream/zeus
cd ..
4/ Clone meta-atmel layer with the proper branch ready
git clone git:// -b zeus
5/ Enter the poky directory to configure the build system and start the build process
cd poky
6/ Initialize build directory
source oe-init-build-env build-microchip
7/ Add meta-atmel layer to bblayer configuration file
vim conf/bblayers.conf
# POKY_BBLAYERS_CONF_VERSION is increased each time build/conf/bblayers.conf
# changes incompatibly
BSPDIR := "${@os.path.abspath(os.path.dirname(d.getVar('FILE', True)) + '/../../..')}"
${BSPDIR}/poky/meta \
${BSPDIR}/poky/meta-poky \
${BSPDIR}/poky/meta-yocto-bsp \
${BSPDIR}/meta-atmel \
${BSPDIR}/meta-openembedded/meta-oe \
${BSPDIR}/meta-openembedded/meta-networking \
${BSPDIR}/meta-openembedded/meta-python \
${BSPDIR}/meta-openembedded/meta-multimedia \
${BSPDIR}/meta-qt5 \
${BSPDIR}/poky/meta \
${BSPDIR}/poky/meta-poky \
8/ Edit local.conf to specify the machine, location of source archived, package type (rpm, deb or ipk)
Pick one MACHINE name from the "Supported SoCs / MACHINE names" chapter above
and edit the "local.conf" file. Here is an example:
vim conf/local.conf
MACHINE ??= "sama5d2-xplained"
DL_DIR ?= "your_download_directory_path"
PACKAGE_CLASSES ?= "package_ipk"
USER_CLASSES ?= "buildstats image-mklibs"
To get better performance, use the "poky-atmel" distribution by also adding that
DISTRO = "poky-atmel"
9/ Build core minimal image
bitbake core-image-minimal
10/ We found that additional local.conf changes are needed for our QT demo
image. You can add these two lines at the end of the file:
vim conf/local.conf
11/ Build images
bitbake microchip-headless-image
Typical bitbake output
Build Configuration:
BB_VERSION = "1.44.0"
BUILD_SYS = "x86_64-linux"
TARGET_SYS = "arm-poky-linux-gnueabi"
MACHINE = "sam9x60ek-sd"
DISTRO = "poky-atmel"
TUNE_FEATURES = "arm armv5 thumb dsp"
TARGET_FPU = "soft"
meta-yocto-bsp = "zeus:94f6b31befda5c496f65e863a6f8152b42d7ebf0"
meta-atmel = "zeus:a7fcc7117fe22d7a7398ec9e422e3feabe40d0fb"
meta-multimedia = "zeus:aad5b3d070cd8c58828b0975cf861d8ebc90f460"
meta-qt5 = "upstream/zeus:432ad2aa6c3a13253fefc909faba368851d21fb1"
To contribute to this layer you should submit the patches for review to:
the github pull-request facility directly or the forum. Anyway, don't forget to
Cc the maintainers.
AT91 Forum:
for some useful guidelines to be followed when submitting patches:
Nicolas Ferre <>
Patrice Vilchez <>
When creating patches insert the [meta-atmel] tag in the subject, for example
use something like:
git format-patch -s --subject-prefix='meta-atmel][PATCH' <origin>
Known issues
This branch is under development and not fully tested. Some features may not work.
QTWebEngine build fails with error:
"khronos development headers appear to be missing (mesa/libegl1-mesa-dev)
QtWebEngine will not be built."
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