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#@TYPE: Machine
#@Name: ATMEL SAMA5D2 Xplained
#@DESCRIPTION: Machine configuration for Atmel's evaluation board
require include/
MACHINE_FEATURES = "apm alsa ext2 ext3 usbhost usbgadget screen touchscreen"
at91-sama5d2_xplained.dtb \
IMAGE_FSTYPES += " tar.gz wic"
WKS_FILE = "sdimage.wks"
# Install kernel and dtbs in rootfs that is on eMMC
IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " kernel-image kernel-devicetree"
UBOOT_MACHINE ?= "sama5d2_xplained_spiflash_defconfig"
UBOOT_ENTRYPOINT = "0x20008000"
UBOOT_LOADADDRESS = "0x20008000"
AT91BOOTSTRAP_MACHINE ?= "sama5d2_xplained"
# Needed for FIT
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