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Initialisation of static global object `eventProcessor` requires
`eventHanlder` and `eventFilter` initialised first. But that's not
guaranteed by C++ standard and the program may crash. Instead,
use Q_GLOBAL_STATIC to initialise the latter two objects.

Log: use Q_GLOBAL_STATIC to initialize `eventHanlder` and `eventFilter`
Signed-off-by: Robin Lee <>

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Feb 20, 2017
Nov 8, 2019


Deepin File Manager is a file management tool independently developed by Deepin Technology, featured with searching, copying, trash, compression/decompression, file property and other file management functions.


Build dependencies

The master branch is current development branch, build dependencies may changes without update, refer to ./debian/control for a working build depends list

  • pkg-config
  • dh-systemd
  • libxcb1-dev
  • libxcb-ewmh-dev
  • libxcb-util0-dev
  • libx11-dev
  • libgsettings-qt-dev
  • libsecret-1-dev
  • libpoppler-cpp-dev
  • libpolkit-agent-1-dev
  • libpolkit-qt5-1-dev
  • libjemalloc-dev
  • libmagic-dev
  • libtag1-dev
  • libdmr-dev
  • x11proto-core-dev
  • libdframeworkdbus-dev
  • dde-dock-dev(>=4.0.5)
  • deepin-gettext-tools
  • libdtkcore-dev
  • ffmpeg module(s):
    • libffmpegthumbnailer-dev
  • Qt5(>= 5.6) with modules:
    • qtbase5-dev
    • qtbase5-private-dev
    • libqt5x11extras5-dev
    • qt5-qmake
    • libqt5svg5-dev
    • qttools5-dev-tools
    • qtmultimedia5-dev
    • qtdeclarative5-dev
    • libkf5codecs-dev
  • Deepin-tool-kit(>=2.0) with modules:
    • libdtkwidget-dev
  • deepin-anything with modules:
    • deepin-anything-dev
    • deepin-anything-server-dev


Build from source code

  1. Make sure you have installed all dependencies.

Package name may be different between distros, if dde-file-manager is available from your distro, check the packaging script delivered from your distro is a better idea.

Assume you are using Deepin or other debian-based distro which got dde-file-manager delivered:

$ apt build-dep dde-file-manager
  1. Build:
$ cd dde-file-manager
$ mkdir Build
$ cd Build
$ qmake ..
$ make
  1. Install:
$ sudo make install

The executable binary file could be found at /usr/bin/dde-file-manager


Execute dde-file-manager


Getting help

Getting involved

We encourage you to report issues and contribute changes


dde-file-manager is licensed under GPLv3