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Deepin Installer

Deepin Installer, new installer for Deepin.


Build dependencies

  • cmake
  • coffeescript, front end is written in coffeescript.
  • dde-go-dbus-factory
  • deepin-webkit3, customized webkit-gtk3.
  • libparted, backend of partition operation.
  • sqlite3

Runtime dependencies

  • btrfs-tools
  • dosfstools
  • e2fsprogs
  • jfsutils
  • unionfs-fuse
  • ntfs-3g
  • xfsprogs
  • hfsprogs
  • reiserfsprogs
  • squashfs-tools
  • os-prober

Build and Install

The easiest way to build deepin-installer is by using debuild command which will generate a deb package.

If you need to build manually, run commands below:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..

And then type $ sudo make install to install it into system.


  • os-prober does not support EFI system.
  • Update EFI environment when it is overwritten.

Getting help

Any usage issues can ask for help via

Getting involved

We encourage you to report issues and contribute changes


Deepin Installer is released under GPLv3.

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