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Deepin Installer, release version.


  • Qt 5.5+
  • btrfs-progs - btrfs filesystem utility
  • dosfstools - utilities for making and checking MS-DOS FAT filesystems
  • e2fsprogs - ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystem utility
  • hfsprogs - mkfs and fsck for HFS and HFS+ file systems
  • jfsutils - utilities for managing the JFS filesystem
  • lvm2 - linux logical volume manager
  • mtools - tools for manipulating MSDOS files
  • ntfs-3g - read/write NTFS driver for FUSE
  • reiserfsprogs - user-level tools for reiserfs filesystem
  • util-linux - miscellanous system utilities
  • xfsprogs - xfs filesystem utility


  • No DBus connections
  • No Window Manager
  • No window drag/drop operations
  • No cut/copy/paste operations

Unit test

Run deepin-installer-tests

OEM tools

Run deepin-installer-oem


This project is released under GNU General Public License which can be found in LICENSE file.