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A reverse-proxy cache for external images used on
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External images on

Our users can use images from external domains on This component is a reverse-proxy / cache for these images.

Th main benefits of using a proxy instead of linking directly the images are:

  • No flood: images can be hosted on small servers that are not able to handle all the traffic from, so we avoid to flood them
  • History: even if a server is taken down, we are able to keep serving images that are already used on our pages
  • Security: on the HTTPS pages, we won't include images from other domains that are available only in HTTP, so it prevents browsers from displaying warning about unsafe pages
  • Privacy: the users won't connect to the external domains, so their IP addresses won't be logged on these servers.

How to use it?

Install Go and don't forget to set $GOPATH

$ go get -u
$ [-a addr] [-r redis] [-l log] [-d dir]

And, to display the help:

$ -h

Why don't you use camo?

Github has developed a similar service, camo, for their own usage. I used it as a source of inspiration but I prefered to redevelop a new service instead of using it for several reasons:

  • It lacks some feature and particulary caching!
  • It runs with a legacy version of node.js, which is not very friendly for our sysadmins.
  • I plan to extend it for other usages in the future, and I prefer coding in golang than in nodejs.
  • And it's a fun component to recode :p

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The code is licensed as GNU AGPLv3. See the LICENSE file for the full license.

♡2012 by Bruno Michel. Copying is an act of love. Please copy and share.

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