Using MathJax and PhantomJS to create SVGs on server side with minimum overhead.
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SVGTeX is a forked project to render SVG from TeX equations, on the server, thanks to the MathJax lib and PhantomJS. It's used on


Install PhantomJS 1.9, then run these commands:

git clone
cd svgtext
git submodule update --init
phantomjs main.js

Below, you will find the original README from svgtex.


Using MathJax and PhantomJS to create SVGs on server side with minimum overhead.

MathJax is a great tool! Why not use it on a server side too? To avoid loading the whole phantomjs and MathJax into memory with every call, the service is exposed via HTTP.

Detailed usage instructions are on the GitHub wiki. For quick-start instructions, keep reading.

Then, start the server:

$ phantomjs main.js

Loading bench page index.html
Server started on port 16000
Point your browser at http://localhost:16000 for a test form.

Try it out by pointing your browser at http://localhost:16000/, and using the test form to enter an equation in either TeX or MathML.

Or, from a different console, use curl:

$ curl localhost:16000/?q=x

<svg xmlns:xlink="" style="width: 1.34ex; height: 1.099ex; ...

Or, try this MathML example: http://localhost:16000/?type=mml&q=%3Cmath%3E%3Cmfrac%3E%3Cmi%3Ey%3C%2Fmi%3E%3Cmn%3E2%3C%2Fmn%3E%3C%2Fmfrac%3E%3C%2Fmath%3E.

Loading MathJax from the CDN vs locally

By default, this loads MathJax from the MathJax CDN. That means that the server uses an internet connection, and it loads MathJax once, as the server is started.

To use a local version of MathJax instead, first download and extract MathJax into the mathjax subdirectory (or wherever else you would like):

wget -O
mv mathjax-MathJax-* mathjax

Then uncomment the <script> element in index.html that refers to this local version, and comment out the one that loads from the CDN.



Read for more details!