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A small mod to import a craft file from either a website or a local file into the current game


This is a small mod which will allow you to download and import craft files from websites. It will take a URL, which you can get from the site and just paste it into the URL field. Additionally, if you have craft files on your local disk, you will be able to select and import them as well.

There is an additional field available to rename the craft to a new craft name if desired. This can be useful if, for example, you already have a craft by that name and don't want to overwrite it.

Also, if you DO want to overwrite an existing file, there is a toggle field which will allow you to do that.

Finally, if you like, you can save the craft file in the sandbox directory rather than the current games's directory

Available options include the ability to use the Blizzy Toolbar if it is available, and for the file selection dialog on Windows, to show all the available drive letters. If the drive letters are not shown, then you will be limited to the drive that the game is installed on

The buttons on the main dialog consist of the following:

Select Local File Open the file selection dialog Import Import the craft listed in the URL field Cancel

The file selection shows the folders and files in the current directory. Only craft files and folders are selectable.



Be sure to totally delete the old directory BEFORE installing this.


A small mod to import a craft file from either a website or a local file into the current game






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