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EditorExtensionsRedux Fixed issue when detaching a moving part in the editor (while it's s… Jan 8, 2019
GameData/EditorExtensionsRedux Fixed issue when detaching a moving part in the editor (while it's s… Jan 8, 2019
.gitignore test update Mar 15, 2018
EditorExtensionsRedux.sln More updates for 1.4.1 Mar 15, 2018
EditorExtensionsRedux.version Updated download link in version file Feb 1, 2019
LICENSE.txt Updated build scripts Mar 14, 2018 Fixed issue when detaching a moving part in the editor (while it's s… Jan 8, 2019
buildRelease.bat Updated build scripts Mar 14, 2018
deploy.bat Version bump for 1.5 rebuild Oct 19, 2018

Editor Extensions Fixed issue when detaching a moving part in the editor (while it's snapping) Updated version info Fix flickering in editor when moving mouse over angle snap window Version bump for 1.5 rebuild Removed unnecessary line from <#@ assembly name="EnvDTE" #> From @lisias: Amending 4x4cheessecake fixe for the Mass AutoStrut problem. This allows to "recover" a mangled vessel. Thanks to 4x4cheesecake for these fixes: Added an additional logical operator to prevent autostruts beeing applied to parts which don't allow them. Fixed a visual issue regarding the 'Fine Adjustment' window. It's no longer flickering when dragging it around. Added button to Settings page 2 to "Reset Symmetry Mode & Angle Snap keys" Added some extra checking to be sure all needed Reflection values have been found Added code to dynamically assign Reflection offsets. Hopefully this will eliminate the need to do manual changes in the future Updated version to allow all 1.4.* Fixed fuzzy button Fixed issue when displaying autostruts, most got reset to Heaviest Fixed issue when setting AS to grandparent, was setting to Heaviest

3.3.19 Updated obsolete Linerenderer calls Fixed NoOffsetLimit code to NOT activate when a compound part is being moved with the offset gizmo

3.3.18 Changed resize of settings window from just before ClickThroughBlocker.GUILayoutWindow to after to toolbar, to avoid confusing the ClickThroughBlocker

3.3.17 Updated for 1.4.1 Added ClickThroughBlocker as a hard dependency

3.3.16 Removed compound part check, was not working Hotkeys no longer trigger while text input field has focus

Changes in 3.3.15

Added check for compound part in NoOffsetLimits, will not work on compound parts

Changes in 3.3.14

Updated for KSP 1.3.1

Changes in 3.3.13

Changes in 3.3.12

Fixed issue where changing the Reroot setting in the settings window wasn't toggling the internal reroot flag
Changed SelectRoot code from being a separate MonoBehaviour to being a part of the EditorExtensions class
Updated buildRelease to use local GameData directory for release

Changes in 3.3.11

Fixed positioning of menu in Editor (it was too low)

Changes in

updated versioning for 1.2.2

Changes in 3.3.10

Fixed null ref when F is pressed and no part is selected

Changes in 3.3.9

Fixed (the right way) the no offset tool for local/absolute offsets

changes in 3.3.8

Fixed issue where NoOffsetLimits was not working upon entry into editor
Added ability to disable Fine Adjust window
Added window showing angle snaps, clickin on button will set that value

Change in 3.3.7

Added code to toggle no offset limit to settings window
Fixed code for toggling the no offset Limit
Added automatic updating of AssemblyVersion, from the .version file, displayed in the Settings window
Removed extra set of configs for the Reflection offsets
Fixed bug with local offset vs absolute offset;  Code was not using the local setting, was always using the absolute setting

Change in 3.3.6

Fixed  menu Show Tweakables, for when Advanced tweakables is enabled, to show at the right height
Fixed resizing of menu

Change in 3.3.5

Added AnglesnapModIsToggle, if enabled, hitting the Mod-C (for Windows,ALT-C) will switch between 1 and the last setting
Added CycleSymmetryModeModIsToggle , if enabled, hitting the Mod-X (for Windows, ALT-X) will switch between 1 and the last setting
Reordered the settings windows, now all keystroke settings are on the Settings 2 window
Commented out old code blocks:  SymmetryModeCycle & AngleSnapCycle, which were replaced by Boop's code in Update()
Updated for 1.2.1
Fixed menu height to adjust depending on whether mass tweakables is on or off - Menu 
	needs to be redisplayed by moving the mouse over the toolbar for height to be adjusted, only applies when Advanced
	Tweakables is off

Change in 3.3.4

Changed "No Show Autostruts" to "Hide Autostruts" text on buttons
MasterSnap now can be turned off by clicking anywhere not on a part.  Previously, had to click on another part

Changes in 3.3.3

Added Autostrut and Rigidity buttons, thanks @Boop:
	All Rigid
	Disable Rigid
	Toggle Rigid
	No Autostruts
	AS Grandparent
	AS Heaviest
	AS Root
	Show Autostruts
Added No Offset Limit Toggle

Changes in 3.3.2

Added ability to disable the SelectRoot functionality, so you can use the stock SelectRoot to change the root on a shadow assembly
Added Master Snap mode. This allows you to snap parts to any random part, not just the parent. This works for both horizontal and vertical snapping. The part selected as the master will be highlighted
Snapping is shown visually via a smooth movement of the part from the original location to the destination

Changes in 3.3.1

Fixed bug with no offset limit preventing swap between local and absolute coordinates

Changes in 3.3.0

Added ability to disable internal reroot, so that you can use the stock reroot to reroot shadow part assemblies

Changes in 3.2.15

Boop's changes for more robust symmetry and angle snap cycling (thanks Boop and Fwiffo).

Changes in 3.2.14

Updated values for KSP 1.1.3
center horizontally on z-axis with shift+H. (thanks OliverPA77)

Changes in 3.2.13

Fixed Fine Adjustments window (inability to close it or change the values)
Now saves both angle snap value and whether it was on/off after exiting editor session
Fixed issue with fine adjust translation wouldn't work if snap was on

Changes in 3.2.12

Fixed rotation gizmo to not angle snap when anglesnap is off
Replaced code which did FindObjectsOftype with GizmoEvents class for performance improvement
Updated FineAdjustments window to detect which gizmo is active

Changes in 3.2.11

Added 1/4 second delay in hiding menu

Changes in 3.2.10

Added UI scaling code to position of EEX menu
Fixed accidently disabling the ability to change the anglesnap on/off by clicking the sprite

Changes in 3.2.9

Removed old code from the FineAdjust Update function which was causing an exception
Reduced height of popup menu
Fixed bug where clicking on the symmetry sprite (the one which changes the angle snap degrees) when the angle was zero
would not allow surface attachments to anything other than the +z axis:
	"I can place the battery only on the +z axis of the structure.  I cannot place it on -z, +x, -x"
Removed performance issue when Fine Adjustments window was shown
Reduced performance impact when fine adjustments are being done

Changes in 3.2.8

Added code from Fwiffo to fix bug where changing the angle snap while in rotate mode would not affect the rotate gizmo
Added code from Fwiffo for Rapid Zoom
Note:  Code from Fwiffo was modified to use the Reflection offsets rather than names to maintain compatibility with Linux & OSX
Fixed bug where going into the rotate gizmo the first time without changing the snap would have a rotation snap of 15 when it should have been zero

NEW FEATURE:  Fine Adjust
Fine Adjust window added
New config window for fine adjust keys
When Fine Adjust window is open, keys will do fine adjustments depending on which gizmo is selected:
	Default keys:	arrow keys + rightShift & rightControl

Changes in 3.2.7

Added code so that typing in text fields will be ignored by mod

Changes in 3.2.6

Added compatility for 1.1.2

Changes in 3.2.5

Added back 1.1.0 compatiblity
Added check for compatibility with specific KSP versions, currently 1.1.0 & 1.1.1

Changes in 3.2.4

Fixed offsets to eliminate nullrefs

Changes in 3.2.3

Updated for 1.1.1

Changes in 3.2.2

Includes submods: Strip Symmetry No Offset Limits SelectRoot2Behaviour


  • Allows custom levels of radial symmetry beyond the stock limitations.
  • Horizontally and vertically center parts.
  • Re-Align placed struts and fuel lines between parts
  • Adds radial/angle snapping at 1°,5°,15°,22.5°,30°,45°,60°, and 90°. Angles are customizable.
  • Toggle part clipping (From the cheat options)
  • Toggle radial and node attachment of parts
  • Reset hangar camera view
  • Customize hotkeys
  • CKAN & KSP-AVC versioning support
  • Rapid zoom mode when using keys to zoom (when using stock zoom mode)

Vertical/Horizontal snap:

  • Place the part, then once the part is placed, hover over the part with your mouse and press the Vertical or Horizontal snap hotkey.
  • For vertical snap, part will center itself on the part lengthwise in the SPH

Master Snapping

  • Hold down "left control" and select the "master" part.
  • Hover the cursor over the child part and press "v" for vertical snap or "h" for a horizontal snap. This will snap the child part to the master part's vertical or horizontal position.
  • Click on an empty space to turn off Master Snap.
  • This should prove to be very useful for VTOLs where you can't apply engines in symmetry.

Strut & Fuel line alignment

  • Place the strut, then hover over the base/start of the strut (the first end placed) with the mouse, and press the hotkey.
  • Strut/FL start and end with be snapped to the closest of either the middle, quarter, or end of the part, aligned directly between the two parts.
  • Mod/Alt-U will reposition the strut/FL directly between the parts, but only level out the strut from the start/parent part.

Rapid Zoom mode

  • Zoom in / out more rapidly by double-tapping the zoom in / out hotkey. i.e. If you just hold down the "zoom in" hotkey, it works like normal. But if you double-tap-hold, it zooms in at 5x the speed. Releasing the hotkey sets zoom back to normal

Default Keybindings

  • V - Vertically center a part. Place the part, hover over it with the mouse, and press the hotkey.
  • H - Horizontally center the part. Place the part, hover over it with the mouse, and press the hotkey.
  • U - Place the strut, then hover over the base/start of the strut (the first end placed) with the mouse, and press the hotkey.
  • Mod/Alt-U - Strut will be aligned level with its starting position
  • X, Shift+X - Increase/Decrease symmetry level (Based on KSP's key map)
  • Alt+X - Reset symmetry level (Based on KSP's key map)
  • C, Shift+C - Increase/Decrease angle snap (Based on KSP's key map)
  • Alt+C - Reset angle snap (Based on KSP's key map)
  • T - Attachment mode: Toggle between surface and node attachment modes for all parts, and when a part is selected, will toggle surface attachment even when that part's config usually does not allow it.
  • Alt+Z - Toggle part clipping (CAUTION: This is a cheat option)
  • Space - When no part is selected, resets camera pitch and heading (straight ahead and level)

Warning on Keybindings

  • Note in very rare circumstances the symmetry and angle snap keybindings might be lost. This would only occur if another mod triggers the game to save its settings while in the VAB/SPH, and the game subsequently crashes or is killed before exiting the building. If it happens, you can easily restore the keybindings (X and C by default) in the game's settings menu.

Stock keybinding (change in stock config screen)

  • R - Toggle symmetry mode from SPH to VAB style (mirror to radial).

Strip Symmetry

  • Alt + Shift + Left Click on the part and symmetry will be stripped from it ***On Linux, the keys are: Left-Alt Left-Shift Left-Click

No Offset Limits

  • The offset tool now does not have any limits. Nothing needs to be done, this just works

Select Root 2 Behaviour

  • This simplifies the select root functionality. No need to click the same part multiple times.
  • 4 - Activates the stock code, or click on the select-root icon Click on the part you want to be the new root. It will be made root AND will be selected, so you need to position the ship and click to drop it

In this version there is also a still-incomplete feature: A part-zoom/part camera orbit - the numpad . key will focus and orbit the camera around the part under the mouse. hitting numpad . again with no part under the mouse will reset the camera back to normal. Currently in the focus mode dragging parts gets skewed so it is only good for viewing the part from another perspective, and not editing or moving parts.

###Installation In your KSP GameData folder, delete any existing EditorExtensions folder. Download the zip file to your KSP GameData folder and unzip.

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Released under MIT license. Source available at GitHub:

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